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2020/August New Braindump2go JN0-103 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE Free Updated Today! Following are some new JN0-103 Exam Questions:

Referring to the exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
Which statement is correct when traffic is received from

A. The traffic is counted and accepted
B. The traffic is counted and rejected
C. The traffic is only rejected
D. The traffic is only accepted

Answer: B

What does the output of the show route forwarding-table command display?

A. The routing protocol databases in the Routing Engine
B. The inactive entries in the Routing Engine’s routing table
C. The Routing Engine’s forwarding table
D. The Packet Forwarding Engine routing table

Answer: C

You are troubleshooting an issue and want to monitor syslog in real time.
Which operational command accomplish this task?

A. Show log message
B. Monitor start message
C. Show log message | refresh 1
D. Monitor traffic interface fxp0.0

Answer: A

Referring to the exhibit, which parameter at the end of the command would provide information for troubleshooting purposes?

A. No-timestamp
B. Extensive
C. Print-ascii
D. No-resolve

Answer: B

What is the default route preference for OSPF internal?

A. 100
B. 150
C. 5
D. 10

Answer: D

Referring to the Exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
Which command produced the output shown in the exhibit?

A. Show interfaces summary
B. Show interfaces filters
C. Show interfaces extensive
D. Show interfaces terse

Answer: D

Referring to the Exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
While working on a Junos Device, you receive the message shown in exhibit, In this scenario, what would you do to stop the shutdown process?

A. Issue the clear system commit command
B. Issue the clear system reboot command
C. Issue the request system halt in command
D. Issue the request system power-off in command

Answer: C

Referring to the Exhibit,
***Exhibit is Missing***
Which statement is true?

A. Traps are allowed from
B. Traps are sent to
C. Traps are sent to
D. Traps are allowed from

Answer: D

Which IP protocol number is assigned to TCP?

A. 4
B. 6
C. 18
D. 17

Answer: B

Which two statements are correct about the request system zeroize local command? (Choose two.)

A. The command preserves the management interface addresses.
B. The command resets all key values.
C. The command removes all data files.
D. The command removes all user-created files from the system.

Answer: BD

What are two protocols that the Junos OS uses to archive configuration files remotely? (Choose two.)


Answer: AD

Which three protocols are connectionless? (Choose three.)

B. Telnet

Answer: ADE

Which statement is correct regarding exception traffic on Junos devices?

A. The built in rate limiter for exception Traffic is configured.
B. The Junos OS has a built-in rate limiter for exception traffic.
C. The Junos OS does not provide congestion control for exception traffic sent to the RE.
D. All exception traffic destined for the RE is sent over the out-of-band management link.

Answer: B

Which two statements describe PFE functions?

A. The PFE implements rate limiting using policers
B. The PFE stores the master copy of the layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding tables
C. The PFE provides access to the CLI and Jweb
D. The PFE stores a local copy of the layer 2 and layer 3 forwarding tables

Answer: AD

You are connected to your Junos device using an SSH connection to the txp0 interface. No other interfaces are currently configured and unreachable from your management network. How would you reestablish communication with the device?

A. Establish a SSH connection to the loopback interface
B. Unplug the network cable and plug it back in
C. Power off and power on the device
D. Connect to the console of the device

Answer: D

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