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What are two reasons why broadcast radiation is caused in the virtual machine environment? (Choose two.)

A. vSwitch must interrupt the server CPU to process the broadcast packet.
B. The Layer 2 domain can be large in virtual machine environments.
C. Virtual machines communicate primarily through broadcast mode.
D. Communication between vSwitch and network switch is broadcast based.
E. Communication between vSwitch and network switch is multicast based.

Answer: AD

When a wireless client roams between two different wireless controllers, a network connectivity outage is experience for a period of time. Which configuration issue would cause this problem?

A. Not all of the controllers in the mobility group are using the same mobility group name.
B. Not all of the controllers within he mobility group are using the same virtual interface IP address.
C. All of the controllers within the mobility group are using the same virtual interface IP address.
D. All of the controllers in the mobility group are using the same mobility group name.

Answer: A

What does the LAP send when multiple WLCs respond to the CISCO_CAPWAP-CONTROLLER.localdomain hostname during the CAPWAP discovery and join process?

A. broadcast discover request
B. join request to all the WLCs
C. unicast discovery request to each WLC
D. Unicast discovery request to the first WLS that resolves the domain name

Answer: D

Which two namespaces does the LISP network architecture and protocol use? (Choose two.)


Answer: BE

Which method of account authentication does OAuth 2.0 within REST APIs?

A. username/role combination
B. access tokens
C. cookie authentication
D. basic signature workflow

Answer: B

Which DHCP option helps lightweight APs find the IP address of a wireless LAN controller?

A. Option 43
B. Option 60
C. Option 67
D. Option 150

Answer: A

Which feature of EIGRP is not supported in OSPF?

A. load balancing of unequal-cost paths
B. load balance over four equal-costs paths
C. uses interface bandwidth to determine best path
D. per-packet load balancing over multiple paths

Answer: A

Which protocol infers that a YANG data model is being used?


Answer: D

What NTP Stratum level is a server that is connected directly to an authoritative time source?

A. Stratum 0
B. Stratum 1
C. Stratum 14
D. Stratum 15

Answer: B

Which tool is used in Cisco DNA Center to build generic configurations that are able to be applied on device with similar network settings?

A. Command Runner
B. Template Editor
C. Application Policies
D. Authentication Template

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer must ensure that all traffic leaving AS 200 will choose Link 2 as the exit point. Assuming that all BGP neighbor relationships have been formed and that the attributes have not been changed on any of the routers, which configuration accomplish task?

A. R4(config-router)bgp default local-preference 200
B. R3(config-router)neighbor weight 200
C. R3(config-router)bgp default local-preference 200
D. R4(config-router)nighbor weight 200

Answer: A

Which access point mode allows a supported AP to function like a WLAN client would, associating and identifying client connectivity issues?

A. client mode
B. SE-connect mode
C. sensor mode
D. sniffer mode

Answer: D

Which benefit is offered by a cloud infrastructure deployment but is lacking in an on-premises deployment?

A. efficient scalability
B. virtualization
C. storage capacity
D. supported systems

Answer: A

In an SD-Access solution what is the role of a fabric edge node?

A. to connect external Layer 3- network to the SD-Access fabric
B. to connect wired endpoint to the SD-Access fabric
C. to advertise fabric IP address space to external network
D. to connect the fusion router to the SD-Access fabric

Answer: A

Which component of the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense solution provides user and flow context analysis?

A. Cisco Firepower and FireSIGHT
B. Cisco Stealthwatch system
C. Advanced Malware Protection
D. Cisco Web Security Appliance

Answer: B

What are two device roles in Cisco SD-Access fabric? (Choose two.)

A. core switch
B. vBond controller
C. edge node
D. access switch
E. border node

Answer: CE

When a wired client connects to an edge switch in an SDA fabric, which component decides whether the client has access to the network?

A. control-plane node
B. Identity Service Engine
C. RADIUS server
D. edge node

Answer: C

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