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Which statement describes SNMP functionality in Cisco NX-OS Software?

A.    NX-OS Software supports one instance of SNMP globally for all VDCs; however, MIB counters are
collected and reported individually per VDC.
B.    SNMP must be enabled with the feature snmp command before any SNMP configuration is possible.
C.    SNMP is always enabled by default in NX-OS Software and cannot be disabled.
D.    NX-OS Software supports 3DES and AES for SNMPv3 message encryption.
E.    SNMP always uses the default VRF on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches.

Answer: D

Which statement describes the graceful restart capability in Cisco NX-OS Software?

A.    In NX-OS Software, the OSPFv2 graceful restart extension is Cisco proprietary and is only compatible
with other Cisco routers.
B.    A graceful restart allows OSPFv2 to remain in the data forwarding path through a process restart.
When OSPFv2 needs to restart, it first sends a type 8 LSA, which includes a grace period that tells
NSF helpers to keep all LSAs that originated from the restarting interface.
C.    Graceful restart helps keep an NX-OS system forwarding traffic transparently even if it experiences
a cold reboot.
D.    If the restarting OSPFv2 interface does not come back up before the end of the grace period, or if the
network experiences a topology change, the OSPFv2 neighbors tear down adjacency with the restarting
OSPFv2 interface and treat it as a normal OSPFv2 restart.
E.    OSPFv3 graceful restart must be disabled before doing an ISSU.

Answer: D

Which statement describes the XML management interface in Cisco NX-OS Software?

A.    The following XML-based NETCONF operations are supported in NX-OS SoftwarE. close-session,
copy-config, delete-config, and edit-config.
B.    The following XML-based NETCONF operations are supported in NX-OS SoftwarE. close-session,
copy-config, edit-config, and kill-session.
C.    NX-OS Software supports up to a maximum of 16 concurrent XML sessions.
D.    Only show commands are supported via the XML management interface in NX-OS Software.
E.    The NX-OS implementation of the XML-based NETCONF requires SSH to be used for communication
with the device.

Answer: E

Cisco FabricPath uses what as a common bridge ID to connected Spanning Tree Protocol bridges?

A.    C84C.75FA.6000
B.    0100.5E11.02FD
C.    C84C.76FA.6000
D.    4000.0000.0001

Answer: A

Which statement describes OTV configuration on the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches?

A.    The OTV control-plane protocol uses the IS-IS protocol to establish adjacencies and exchange MAC
reachability across the overlay network. You must enable IS-IS with the feature isis command before
OTV adjacencies can be established.
B.    OTV uses an SSM group range for neighbor discovery and to exchange MAC reachability with other
OTV edge peers.
C.    The OTV join interface is a routed uplink interface on the edge device used to physically join the overlay
D.    The OTV internal interface encapsulates the site Layer 2 frames in IP unicast or multicast packets that
are then sent to the other sites.

Answer: C

How are IP multicast IGMP entries synchronized between vPC peers?

A.    IGMP is not synchronized between vPC peers
B.    Cisco Fabric Service carries IGMP entries across the vPC peer link
C.    IP ARP synchronization under the vPC domain configuration also synchronizes IGMP
D.    IGMP is flooded to the L2 domain, and there is no need to synchronize it between vPC peers

Answer: B

Which option describes the default roles available to RBAC on Cisco Nexus switches?

A.    admin, operator, network-admin, and network-operator
B.    admin, read-only, network-admin, and network-operator
C.    vdc-admin, vdc-operator, network-admin, and network-operator
D.    vdc-admin, vdc-operator, network-admin, and network-operator (for Nexus 7000) and network- admin
and network-operator (for other Nexus switches)
E.    admin and read-only

Answer: D

What does the command “IP ARP synchronize” do in a vPC configuration?

A.    Synchronizes ARP entries between vPC peers every five minutes
B.    Triggers a manual update of ARP entries from the primary peer to the secondary
C.    Enables a bulk loading of ARP entries when a vPC peer is restored
D.    Uses the peer-keepalive link to maintain ARP table consistency

Answer: C

Which statement best describes what is depicted in the show command output?
Nexus# sh ip igmp snooping vlan 120
IGMP Snooping information for vlan 120
IGMP snooping disabled
Optimised Multicast Flood (OMF) disabled
IGMP querier none
Switch-querier enabled, address, currently not running IGMPv3 Explicit tracking enabled
IGMPv2 Fast leave disabled
IGMPv1/v2 Report suppression enabled
IGMPv3 Report suppression disabled
Link Local Groups suppression enabled
Router port detection using PIM Hellos, IGMP Queries
Number of router-ports: 0
Number of groups: 0
Active ports:
Po100 Po111

A.    IGMP snooping is not active for VLAN 120 because the IGMP feature has not been enabled on
the switch with the feature igmp command.
B.    The IGMP snooping querier for VLAN 120 is not in a running state because the Loopback interface
configured with is currently in a down state.
C.    IGMP snooping has been disabled on the VLAN 120 SVI.
D.    IGMP snooping has been disabled for VLAN 120 in VLAN configuration mode.
E.    IGMP snooping is not active for VLAN 120 because VLAN 120 does not exist in the VLAN database.

Answer: D

What is the default Time to Live (TTL) valuse in Cisco FabricPath?

A.    128
B.    32
C.    64
D.    Dependent on the number of switch IDs in the topology

Answer: B

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