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What does Selective LUN Mapping (SLM) do?

A.    It automates igroup creation.
B.    It allows the node and its HA partner to create zones on the SAN fabric to automate LUN mapping.
C.    It makes a LUN accessible only through paths on the node owning the LUN and its HA partner.
D.    It allows the administrator to automatically create LUNs using SnapDrive for Windows and SnapDrive for UNIX.

Answer: C
Selective LUN Map (SLM) reduces the number of paths from the host to the LUN. With SLM, when a new LUN map is created, the LUN is accessible only through paths on the node owning the LUN and its HA partner.
SLM enables management of a single igroup per host and also supports nondisruptive LUN move operations that do not require portset manipulation or LUN remapping.
Portsets can be used with SLM just as in previous versions of Data ONTAP to further restrict access of certain targets to certain initiators . When using SLM with portsets, LUNs will be accessible on the set of LIFs in the portset on the node that owns the LUN and on that node’s HA partner.

Click the Exhibit button.
cl01::>fcpportname show
——– ————– —-
svm1 n1_6a
svm1 n1_6b
svm1 n2_6a
svm1 n2_6b
svm2 fc-1-6a
svm2 fc-1-6b
In the exhibit, two columns do not have names.
What are the two missing names? (Choose two.)

A.    WWNN
B.    Logical Interface
C.    Physical Interface
D.    WWPN

Answer: BD

A volume with a single LUN shows 30% deduplication savings. However, the output of df on the cluster does not show the 30% savings back to the volume or aggregate.
What is causing this behavior?

A.    Volume space guarantee is set to none.
B.    Volume space guarantee is set to volume.
C.    LUN space reserve is disabled.
D.    LUN space reserve is enabled.

Answer: A

What is the default RAID level for new aggregates on a DS4486?

B.    RAID1
C.    RAID0
D.    RAID5

Answer: A

On a FAS8040, which port is used for FCoE connections?

A.    e0M
B.    e0P
C.    0a
D.    e0h

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the diagram shown in the exhibit, what will happen if PDU-B fails?

A.    Both Node A and Node B will remain online and all disk shelves will remain online.
B.    Both Node A and Node B will remain online, but all disk shelves will immediately lose power and become inaccessible.
C.    Both Node A and Node B willimmediately lose power and become inaccessible.
D.    Node A will immediately lose power and become inaccessible. Node B will remain online.

Answer: A

Hosts and switches are connected to a FAS8040.
Multiple FC-enabled SVMs have been created, and LUNs have been mapped to multiple hosts.
During failover testing, one of the hosts lost connectivity to its LUNs.
What needs to be examined?

A.    FAS8040 ALUA configuration
B.    host multipath settings
C.    xhost iSCSI timeout values
D.    switch NPIV settings

Answer: B

Click the Exhibit button.
Based on the exhibit, you are configuring a 4-node cluster with an iSCSI LIF ob each node.
You connect using the first LIF from a Windows Server 2012 host.
How would you add the other three LIFs?

A.    Use the MCS button.
B.    Use the Devices button.
C.    Use the Add session button.
D.    Wait and then press the Refresh button until the other sessions appear.

Answer: C

You have a 4-node FAS8040 cluster licensed for FCP and iSCSI. Each node has both FC and iSCSI LIFs. One of your Windows 2012 Servers has a single 8Gb FC port and a single 10 Gb Ethernet port with switched connectivity to the FC and Ethernet ports on the cluster.
You need to use both ports on the host for multipath access to a LUN on the NetApp cluster.
What will accomplish this task?

A.    NetApp Data ONTAP DSM for Windows MPIO
B.    FCoE HBA
D.    native Windows MPIO

Answer: A

A customer has a clustered Data ONTAP solution and needs to connect several Windows 2012 servers using iSCSI for LUN access.
Before the LUN can be seen, what must be configured on the host?

A.    the LUN partitioning
B.    the Host Utilities Kit
C.    the iSCSI software initiator
D.    the HBA queue depth

Answer: C

You have executed the following FC configuration workflow:
1. Verify IMT supported configuration.
2. Install VSC for VMware vSphere on a Windows Server.
3. Add the storage cluster to VSC and set recommended values.
4. Update host HBA firmware and BIOS.
5. Provision the LUN.
6. Manually create an igroup and add the host WWPNs into it.
7. Map the LUN to the igroup.
8. Create datastore and its containing LUNS and volumes.
In step 8, you are not able to see the LUNs you provisioned on your storage controller.
When you run igroup show you see the ESX host’s initiators; however, they are listed “not logged in”.
What is the problem?

A.    You need to configure ALUA.
B.    TheLUN was not put online.
C.    The LUN type is not set to type VMware.
D.    You need to configure zoning.

Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.
You have a 2-node data ONTAP 8.3 cluster.
Based on the exhibit, which change must be made to make svm1 conform to iSCSI best practices?
cl01::> net int show ¬-vserver
svm1 ¬-data ¬-protocol iscsi
Logical Status Network
Current Current Is
Vserver Interface Admin/Oper
Address/Mask Node Port Home
———– ———- ——
—- —————— —–
——– ——- —-
up/up cl01-01
a0a 434 true
cl01::>iscsi show ¬-vserver
Vserver: svm1
Target Name: iqn.1992 ¬-
08.com.netapp: sn.ca5eaa069c211
Target Alias: svm1
Administrative Status: up

A.    The iSCSI LIFs must be moved to a VLANhigher than 1024.
B.    An iSCSI LIF must be added to node cl01-02.
C.    The Target Alias must be modified to match the Target Name.
D.    The iSCSI LIFs must be moved to a physical interface; iSCSI LIFs are not supported on top of an ifgrp.

Answer: B

Which three environmental or physical requirements need to be met when designing a SAN solution? (Choose three.)

A.    rack space
B.    cooling
C.    clustered Data ONTAP version
D.    IOPS
E.    power

Answer: ABE

You have a large, heterogeneous SAN environment.
You are asked to gather information for all hosts, HBAs, switches, and storage.
You are also told that you must collect this information over network protocols without agents.
Which two NetApp tools allow you to perform this task? (Choose two.)

A.    OnCommand Insight
B.    OnCommand Report
C.    OnCommand Unified Manager
D.    nSANity

Answer: AD

Which information-gathering command should you use to gather logs for troubleshooting switch information for your Brocade switches?

A.    cfgshow
B.    fabricshow
C.    configshow
D.    supportsave

Answer: D


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