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Which three service offer VLAN transparency for WAN Ethernet services? (Choose three)

A.    ERMS
B.    EPL
C.    ERS
D.    MPLS
E.    EMS
F.    EWS
Answer: ABC

Which two values are required to implement an EIGRP named configurations? (Choose two)

A.    address-family
B.    process-id
C.    subnet-mask
D.    virtual-instance-name
E.    router-id

Answer: AB

What are the two EEM event subscribers? (Choose two)

A.    CLI
B.    script
C.    applet
D.    none
E.    syslog

Answer: BC

How is a targeted LDP session different from a standard LDP session?

A.    Targeted LDP is used only for neighbors on different segments.
B.    Targeted LDP requires SDP to be enabled.
C.    Targeted LDP requires RSVP to be enabled.
D.    Targeted LDP uses unicast hello messages to peer with other devices.

Answer: D

Which two options are valid IPV6 extension header typers? (Choose two)

A.    Flow Label
B.    Encapsulating security Payload
C.    Version
D.    Traffic Class
E.    Mobility

Answer: BE

Your NetFlow collector is not working due to a large amount of traffic entering your network which is destined to a single IP address .
Which NetFlow feature allows you to collect the top source hosts for this traffic on the local router?

A.    A NetFlow can export flows only to a extermal flow collector
B.    show ip cache flow
C.    ip accounting
D.     ip flow-top-talkers

Answer: D

For which reason can two OSPF neighbor routers on the same LAN segment be stuck in
the two-way state?

A.    The two routers have different MTUs on the interface.
B.    The two routers are configured with different priorities.
C.    The interface priority is set to zero on both routers.
D.    Both routers have the same OSPF router ID.

Answer: C

Which information is contained in an OSPF Type 1 Router LSA?

A.    The Autonomous System Border Routers(ASBR) for the OSPF network and the cost of the path to reach each ASBR
B.    The router’s interfaces(links) on which OSPF is enabled ,the state and outgoing cost of each link.and the OSPF neighbors on each link
C.    The network links to all known OSPF routers and and the cost of each path
D.    The Area Border Routers (ABR) for the area and the cost of the path to each ABR
E.    The OSPF neighboring routers and the cost of the outgoing link to reach each neighbor

Answer: B

Which command can you enter to configure a built-in policer with minimum guaranteed bandwidth without starving other classes during periods of congestion?

A.    bandwidth remaining percent
B.    bandwidth
C.    priority percent
D.    fair-queue

Answer: C

Which three session tables does NAT64 maintain?

A.    6rd
B.    TCP
C.    484XLAT
D.    ICMP Query
E.    SIP
F.    UDP

Answer: BDF

Which two statements about Cisco Express Forwarding load balancing are true?

A.    Cisco Express Forwarding can load-balance over a maximum of two destinations
B.    It combines the source IP address subnet mask to create a hash for each destination
C.    Each hash maps directly to a single entry in the RIB
D.    Each hash maps directly to a single entry in the adjacency table
E.     It combines the source and destination IP addresses to create a hash fdor each destination

Answer: DE

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