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Exam Code: 70-469
Exam Name: Recertification for MCSE: Data Platform

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You need to ensure that if any of the statements in usp_UpdateSpeakerName return an error message, all of the changes executed by usp_UpdateSpeakerName are not committed to the database.
What should you do in Procedures.sql? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
Choose all that apply.)
A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D
E.    Option E

Answer: BD

You are evaluating the index design.
You need to recommend a change to Indexes.sql that will minimize the amount of time it takes for usp_AttendeesReport to execute.
The solution must minimize the amount of database fragmentation.
Which line of code should you use to replace line 12 of Indexes.sql?

A.    (LastName);
B.    (FirstName) INCLUDE (LastName);
C.    (LastName, FirstName);
D.    (LastName) INCLUDE (FirstName);

Answer: C

You need to create the object used by the parameter of usp_InsertSessions.
Which statement should you use?

A.    CREATE SCHEMA SessionDataTable
B.    CREATE TYPE SessionDataTable AS Table
C.    CREATE TABLE SessionDataTable

Answer: A

Case Study 3 – Scenario 3 (Question 24 – Question 29)
Application Information
You have two servers named SQL1 and SQL2. SQL1 has SQL Server 2012 Enterprise installed. SQL2 has SQL Server 2008 Standard installed.
You have an application that is used to manage employees and office space.
Users report that the application has many errors and is very slow.
You are updating the application to resolve the issues. You plan to create a new database on SQL1 to support the application. The script that you plan to use to create the tables for the new database is shown in Tables.sql. The script that you plan to use to create the stored procedures for the new database is shown in StoredProcedures.sql. The script that you plan to use to create the indexes for the new database is shown in Indexes.sql.
A database named DB2 resides on SQL2. DB2 has a table named EmployeeAudit that will audit changes to a table named Employees.
A stored procedure named usp_UpdateEmployeeName will be executed only by other stored procedures. The stored procedures executing usp_UpdateEmp!oyeeName will always handle transactions.
A stored procedure named usp_SelectEmployeesByName will be used to retrieve the names of employees. Usp_SelectEmployeesByName can read uncommitted data.
A stored procedure named usp_GetFutureOfficeAssignments will be used to retrieve office assignments that will occur in the future.

You execute usp_SelectEmployeesByName multiple times, passing strings of varying lengths to @LastName.
You discover that usp_SelectEmployeesByName uses inefficient execution plans.
You need to update usp_SelectEmployeesByName to ensure that the most efficient execution plan is used.
What should you add at line 31 of StoredProcedures.sql?


Answer: B

You need to recommend a solution to ensure that SQL1 supports the auditing requirements of usp_UpdateEmployeeName.
What should you include in the recommendation?

A.    Change data capture
B.    Change tracking
C.    Transactional replication
D.    The Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)

Answer: D

You need to add a new column named Confirmed to the Employees table.
The solution must meet the following requirements:
– Have a default value of TRUE.
– Minimize the amount of disk space used.
Which code segment should you use?

A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: D

You need to create the object used by the parameter of usp_UpdateEmployeeName.
Which code segment should you use?

B.    CREATE TYPE EmployeesInfo AS Table
C.    CREATE SCHEMA EmployeesInfo
D.    CREATE TABLE EmployeesInfo

Answer: B
Example Usage of Table-Valued Parameters (Database Engine)
(Benefits of using Table-Valued Parameters)
/* Create a table type. */
( LocationName VARCHAR(50)
, CostRate INT );
/* Create a procedure to receive data for the table-valued parameter.
*/ CREATE PROCEDURE dbo. usp_InsertProductionLocation @TVP LocationTableType READONLY
INSERT INTO AdventureWorks2012.Production.Location (Name
(CREATE TYPE *tabletypename* AS TABLE) data types)

You need to provide referential integrity between the Offices table and Employees table.
Which code segment or segments should you add at line 27 of Tables.sql? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose all that apply.)
A.    Option A
B.    Option B
C.    Option C
D.    Option D

Answer: CD

You need to modify usp_SelectEmployeesByName to support server-side paging.
The solution must minimize the amount of development effort required.
What should you add to usp_SelectEmployeesByName?

A.    A table variable
B.    The ROWNUMBER keyword
C.    An OFFSET-FETCH clause
D.    A recursive common table expression

Answer: C

Case Study 4 – Scenario 4 (Question 30 – Question 39)
Application Information
You are a database administrator for a manufacturing company.
You have an application that stores product data. The data will be converted to technical diagrams for the manufacturing process.
The product details are stored in XML format. Each XML must contain only one product that has a root element named Product. A schema named Production.ProductSchema has been created for the products xml.
You develop a Microsoft .NET Framework assembly named ProcessProducts.dll that will be used to convert the XML files to diagrams. The diagrams will be stored in the database as images. ProcessProducts.dll contains one class named ProcessProduct that has a method name of Convert(). ProcessProducts.dll was created by using a source code file named ProcessProduct.cs.
All of the files are located in C:\Products\.
The application has several performance and security issues. You will create a new database named ProductsDB on a new server that has SQL Server 2012 installed. ProductsDB will support the application.
The following graphic shows the planned tables for ProductsDB:
You will also add a sequence named Production.ProductID_Seq.
You plan to create two certificates named DBCert and ProductsCert.
You will create ProductsCert in master. You will create DBCert in ProductsDB.
You have an application that executes dynamic T-SQL statements against ProductsDB. A sample of the queries generated by the application appears in Dynamic.sql.
Application Requirements
The planned database has the following requirements:
– All stored procedures must be signed.
– The amount of disk space must be minimized.
– Administrative effort must be minimized at all times.
– The original product details must be stored in the database.
– An XML schema must be used to validate the product details.
– The assembly must be accessible by using T-SQL commands.
– A table-valued function will be created to search products by type.
– Backups must be protected by using the highest level of encryption.
– Dynamic T-SQL statements must be converted to stored procedures.
– Indexes must be optimized periodically based on their fragmentation.
– Manufacturing steps stored in the ManufacturingSteps table must refer to a product by the same identifier used by the Products table.
Product, xml
All product types are 11 digits. The first five digits of the product id reference the category of the product and the remaining six digits are the subcategory of the product.
The following is a sample customer invoice in XML format:
Category FromType.sql

Which code segment should you use to define the ProductDetails column?

A.    ProductDetails xml (DOCUMENT Production.ProductDetailsSchema) NULL
B.    ProductDetails xml NULL
C.    ProductDetails xml (CONTENT Production.ProductDetailsSchema) NULL
D.    ProductDetails varchar(MAX) NULL

Answer: D

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