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Refer to the exhibit. Which NETCONF statement type is represented by +–rw address* [ip]?

A. list
B. leaf-list
C. container
D. submodule

Answer: A
Symbols after data node names: “?” means an optional node, “!” means a presence container, and “*” denotes a list and leaf-list.

Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct ncclient method to use to collect the running configuration of a Cisco IOS XE device that uses NETCONF?

A. config=m.copy_config(source=’running’)
B. config=m.get(source=’running’)
C. config=m.collect_config(source=’running’)
D. config=m.get_config(source=’running’)

Answer: A

What does the command boot ipxe forever switch 1 perform when executed on a Cisco IOS XE device?

A. It continuously sends DHCP requests for iPXE until the device boots with an image.
B. It continuously sends DNS requests for iPXE until the device restarts.
C. It continuously sends DNS requests for iPXE until the device boots with an image.
D. It continuously sends DHCP requests for iPXE until the device restarts.

Answer: A

The Cisco DNA Center Sites API must be used to add a device to a site, but only the site name is available. Which API call must be used to retrieve the site identifier so that the device can be properly added to the network?

A. /dna/intent/api/site/siteId
B. /dna/intent/api/site
C. /dna/intent/api/v1/site
D. /dna/intent/api/v1/site/siteName

Answer: C

When a Grafana dashboard is built to receive network events from Cisco DNA Center, which integration bundle is enabled to send notifications?

A. Basic ITSM CMDB Synchronization
B. DNA Center Rest API
C. Network Events for REST API Endpoint
D. Network Issue Monitor and Enrichment for ITSM

Answer: B

What should a CI/CD pipeline aim to achieve?

A. to allow manual testing before deployment
B. to require minimal manual interaction
C. to support new deployments on a fixed monthly schedule
D. to provide a documented process for feedback

Answer: B

Which product provides network controller-level management features?

A. Cisco DNA Center
B. Cisco NX-OS
C. Cisco UCS Manager
D. Cisco ISE

Answer: A

Which field must be completed in Cisco DNA Center when a network discovery is initiated?

A. SNMP read community string
B. Enable password
D. Discovery type

Answer: D
https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en_us/training-events/product-training/dnac-13/DNAC13_AddingDevicesByUsingDiscovery.pdf (p.26)

Webhook that are generated by Cisco DNA Center are REST calls with which properties?

A. JSON payload delivered via PUT
B. XML payload delivered via POST
C. JSON payload delivered via POST
D. XML payload delivered via PUT

Answer: A

Which two API calls are used to trigger a device configuration sync in Cisco DNA Center? (Choose two.)

A. PUT /dna/intent/api/v1/network-device
B. PUT /dna/intent/api/v1/network-device/sync-all
C. PUT /dna/intent/api/v1/network-device/{networkDeviceId}/sync
D. PUT /dna/intent/api/v1/network-device/sync
E. POST /dna/intent/api/v1/network-device/{networkDeviceId}/sync

Answer: CE

A network administrator must troubleshoot a network issue using Cisco DNA Center. Which API request helps to determine issue details, impacted hosts, or suggested actions for the resolution?

A. /dna/intent/v1/issues
B. /dna/intent/api/v1/issues
C. /dna/intent/v1/issue-enrichment-details
D. /dna/api/v1/client-health/issues

Answer: B
The intent/api/v1/issues request determine issue details, hosts impacted and suggests actions for resolution.

Which two network assurance features are provided by the Cisco DNA Center API? (Choose two.)

A. site health
B. license compliance health
C. client health
D. Cisco APIC appliance health
E. Cisco DNA Center appliance health

Answer: AC
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/cloud-systems-management/network-automation-and-management/dna-center/1-2/user_guide/b_dnac_ug_1_2/ b_dnac_ug_1_2_chapter_010011.html

In which direction does the Cisco DNA Center Intent API communicate?

A. westbound
B. eastbound
C. northbound
D. southbound

Answer: C
The Intent API is a Northbound REST API that exposes specific capabilities of the Cisco DNA Center platform. The Intent API provides policy-based abstraction of business intent, allowing focus on an outcome rather than struggling with individual mechanisms steps. The RESTful Cisco DNA Center Intent API uses HTTPS verbs (GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE) with JSON structures to discover and control the network.

Which two features are characteristics of software-defined networks when compared to traditional infrastructure? (Choose two.)

A. configured box-by-box
B. changed manually
C. use overlay networks
D. designed to change
E. require software development experience to manage

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. Cisco SD-WAN deployment must be troubleshooted using vManage APIs. A call to vEdge Hardware Health API returns the data in the exhibit (only a portion is shown). If this JSON is converted to a Python dictionary and assigned to the variable “d”, how the status is accessed that is indicated on line 16?

A. d[data][0][statusList][0][status]
B. d[`data’][`statusList’][`status’]
C. d{`data’}[0]{`statusList’}[0]{`status’}
D. d[`data’][0][`statusList’][0][`status’]

Answer: B
The 0s in option AC and D are not logical in this scenario. The status tag already takes care of the error message.

What is the purpose of using the Cisco SD-WAN vManage Certificate Management API?

A. to generate a CSR
B. to allocate resources to the certificate server
C. to request a certificate from the certificate server
D. to enable vManage Center

Answer: A

Which action allows for creating a Python script to pull inventory for Cisco SD-WAN Viptela devices using the Viptela library in the code?

A. from urllib.request import Viptela
B. from viptela.devices import Viptela
C. from viptela.viptela import Viptela
D. from viptela.library import Viptela

Answer: B
The viptela.devices import viptela can be used to put inventory from Cisco SD WAN viptela devices.

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