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Which service solution should you recommend to handle equipment that runs business critical IT applications with designated managers?

A.    Proactive Care
B.    Datacenter Care
C.    Foundation Care
D.    Proactive Care Advanced

Answer: D
Proactive Care Advanced is designed to support servers running business-critical IT. This service expands on the Proactive Care Service by providing localized account managers who work with the customer’s IT staff to keep systems in peak performance, manage critical events,and quickly address complex issues.

One of your customer’s remote transaction servers generates an SNMP health alert.
Which HP management tool should you use to access more information about the alert?

A.    Insight Online
B.    Intelligent Provisioning
C.    Smart Update Manager
D.    Smart Storage Administrator

Answer: A

You are using HP Power Advisor to assist in architecting an HP BladeSystem solution that contains HP Flexfabric interconnect modules.
What information about the solution can the tool provide? (Select two.)

A.    SFP + module power requirements
B.    UPS sizing based on defined run times
C.    power report for system
D.    a cost-of-ownership calculation
E.    mismatch between interconnect modules and network adapter

Answer: BD

What are benefits of PDUs? (Select two.)

A.    voltage conditioning
B.    flexible 1U/0U rack mounting options
C.    superior cable management
D.    battery backup
E.    AC/DC conversion

Answer: BC
Modular PDUs consist of two building blocks the Core Unit (core) and the Extension Bar(s) (sticks). The Core Unit is 1U/0U, and the Extension Bars mount directly to the frame of the rack in multiple locations.
The HP Modular PDUs allows for consolidation of cords making cord management easy and efficient. All of the HP Modular PDUs offer superior cable management and accessibility.
Can be installed in any U position in the rack.

A customer has a single array group with three SAS disk drivers in a RAID 5 configuration. Which method should the customer use, with the least risk, to protect their data volume in case of a drive failure?

A.    configure RAID 1 ADM
B.    add more drives to the RAID 5 group
C.    configure a hot spare
D.    migrate the RAID 5 array group to RAID 6

Answer: C

Which method will allow you to manage and maintain all operating system drivers and system hardware for every server in a customer’s data center?

A.    Create a Converged Infrastructure group in HP OneView for all applicable servers to deploy updates.
B.    Use HP Smart Update solution to deploy updates.
C.    Use HP SUM and iLO Federation groups to deploy updates.
D.    Use the HP REST API and the Embedded UEFI Shell to deploy updates.

Answer: C
HP SUM is only scalable to 50 nodes, so it need iLO Federation and Federation groups to scale and update multiple servers at the same time.

Which commands are used in HP-UX determine operating system versions and patch levels? (Select two)

A.    sysconfig
B.    uname
C.    fcsmutil
D.    swlist
E.    ioscan

Answer: BD

A customer needs application acceleration it their hyperscale computing environment, which includes big data analytics and high performance databases.
Which memory types meets the customer’s needs?


Answer: B
Do you need to increase the performance of your data center database and analytics applications? HPE Persistent Memory products deliver the performance of memory with the persistence of traditional storage.

A customer needs to manage and maintain the operation of a large hyperscale cluster of a SL based servers. The customer needs to run a set of operating system commands and execute them from within the operating system on all the SL servers. Which method should the customer use?

A.    Execute the commands from theCluster Management Utility on all of the servers
B.    Create a script and use the RESTful interface tool to execute the commands on all of the servers
C.    Boot HP SUM on one SL node and use iLO federation to execute the commands on all of the servers
D.    Use HP SUM CLI online from within the SL operating system and execute the commands by using multicast

Answer: A

What enables out-of-band management of multiple rack-mount servers from a single web interface?

A.    Onboard Administrator
B.    iLO Federation
C.    Intelligent Provisioning
D.    Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager

Answer: B
iLO Federation should be correct, as iLo is out of band management.
Manage at scale


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