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The Guest Provisioning user account has the ability to do which of the following?

A.    Add a new employee to the internal database
B.    Change the “look” and “feel” of the guest provisioning page
C.    Change the available data fields on the guest provisioning page
D.    Add a guest user to the internal database
E.    Assign a Role to a guest account

Answer: D


Which of the following is true about configuring a server group?

A.    Server rules are used to send information to the configured servers
B.    A server group can have more than 1 server
C.    If the internal database is used in the server group, then no external servers can be added
D.    If multiple servers are assigned to the server group, all except the 1st will be ignored
E.    All the servers in a server group will be used round robin style

Answer: B

When adding licenses in the startup wizard license screen a reboot is required:

A.    After each license is installed
B.    Before any other configuration can take place
C.    Only if the Policy Enforcement Firewall license is installed
D.    Once the last License is added
E.    A reboot is not required until you have completed the configuration wizard

Answer: E

Guest access can be provided securely by combining the following components of an Aruba system: (Select two)

A.    Use restrictive firewall policies to limit the guest user’s access to internal resources
B.    Providing guests their own APs and controllers
C.    Dedicated APs
D.    Authenticate users with the internal captive portal against the internal database or other server
E.    DoS guest users off of the system and make them use wired ports

Answer: AD

802.11n APs operate in which bands? (Select two)

A.    900 MHz
B.    2.4 GHz
C.    2.4 MHz
D.    5 GHz
E.    5 MHz

Answer: BD

In decrypt-tunneled forwarding mode, which of the following is true?

A.    Client sets up an IPSEC tunnel with the controller
B.    The AP decrypts and then the 802.11 frame is sent in a GRE tunnel to the controller
C.    The AP decrypts the 802.11 frame and bridges it on the wire
D.    The AP decrypts the 802.11 frame, encrypts it as an Ethernet frame and sends it to the controller
E.    Clients decrypted traffic is sent down the GRE tunnel

Answer: B

WPA and WPA2 can use the following authentication methods: (Select two)

A.    WEP Keys
B.    PSK
C.    802.1X
D.    Captive Portal

Answer: BC

Which of the following core components of ARM enables intelligent distribution of clients across available channel capacity?

A.    Multi-band scan
B.    Spectrum load balancing
C.    Rogue AP detection
D.    Band steering
E.    Coordinated Access to a Single Channel

Answer: B

Which one of the following file types cannot be imported to Visual RF Plan?

A.    dwg
B.    jpg
C.    tiff
D.    gif
E.    bmp

Answer: C

Aruba’s recommended best option for authenticating guest users is:

A.    Temporary employee account
B.    Kerberos
C.    Captive Portal
D.    Windows logon
E.    Email address

Answer: C

Aliases are used in firewall policies to:

A.    Apply firewall polices to ports in a stateful manner
B.    Make firewall rules act like traditional ACLs
C.    Ease readability and maintainability for source and destination addresses
D.    Are a part of roles, not the firewall
E.    Are applied as an action in a rule

Answer: C

An Aruba AP 125 is capable of supporting which of the following network types? (Select three)

A.    802.11b
B.    802.11n
C.    802.11a
D.    802.11w
E.    802.11p

Answer: ABC

What does SET ORIENTATION option do in the Visual RF Plan edit tool?

A.    Set the horizontal plane on each floor
B.    Give the option to resize a floor
C.    Sets the North/South orientation of the building
D.    Sets the proper vertical floor plan alignment
E.    Allows the planner to set the directional antenna orientation

Answer: D

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