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What is the default behavior of any listener for TLS communication?

A. preferred-verify
B. off
C. preferred
D. required

Answer: B

Which two actions are configured on the Cisco ESA to query LDAP servers? (Choose two.)

A. accept
B. relay
C. delay
D. route
E. reject

Answer: AD

Which two statements about configuring message filters within the Cisco ESA are true? (Choose two.)

A. The filters command executed from the CLI is used to configure the message filters.
B. Message filters configuration within the web user interface is located within Incoming Content Filters.
C. The filterconfig command executed from the CLI is used to configure message filters.
D. Message filters can be configured only from the CLI.
E. Message filters can be configured only from the web user interface.

Answer: AD

What occurs when configuring separate incoming mail policies?

A. message splintering
B. message exceptions
C. message detachment
D. message aggregation

Answer: A

Which default port is used by the Cisco ESA to quarantine the message on the Cisco Security Management Appliance?

A. port 25fTCP
B. port110/TCP
C. port443/TCP
D. port 6025/TCP
E. port4766/UDP

Answer: D

When configuring CRES, where do you enable read receipts?

A. In the encryption profile
B. In the content filter condition menu
C. In the content filter action menu
D. In the mail policy

Answer: A

Which type of query must be configured when setting up the Spam Quarantine while merging notifications?

A. Spam Quarantine Alias Routing Query
B. Spam Quarantine Alias Consolidation Query
C. Spam Quarantine Alias Authentication Query
D. Spam Quarantine Alias Masquerading Query

Answer: B

Which two factors must be considered when message filter processing is configured? (Choose two.)

A. message-filter order
B. lateral processing
C. structure of the combined packet
D. mail policies
E. MIME structure of the message

Answer: AE

How does the graymail safe unsubscribe feature function?

A. It strips the malicious content of the URI before unsubscribing.
B. It checks the URI reputation and category and allows the content filter to take an action on it.
C. It redirects the end user who clicks the unsubscribe button to a sandbox environment to allow a safe unsubscribe.
D. It checks the reputation of the URI and performs the unsubscribe process on behalf of the end user.

Answer: D

Which method enables an engineer to deliver a flagged message to a specific virtual gateway address in the most flexible way?

A. Set up the interface group with the flag.
B. Issue the altsrchost command.
C. Map the envelope sender address to the host.
D. Apply a filter on the message.

Answer: B

An administrator is trying to enable centralized PVO but receives the error, “Unable to proceed with Centralized Policy, Virus and Outbreak Quarantines configuration as esa1 in Cluster has content filters / DLP actions available at a level different from the cluster level.”
What is the cause of this error?

A. Content filters are configured at the machine-level on esa1.
B. DLP is configured at the cluster-level on esa2.
C. DLP is configured at the domain-level on esa1.
D. DLP is not configured on host1.

Answer: D

Which feature must be configured before an administrator can use the outbreak filter for nonviral threats?

A. quarantine threat level
B. antispam
C. data loss prevention
D. antivirus

Answer: B

Which type of attack is prevented by configuring file reputation filtering and file analysis features?

A. denial of service
B. zero-day
C. backscatter
D. phishing

Answer: B

Which two service problems can the Cisco Email Security Appliance solve? (Choose two.)

C. Antispam
D. URL filtering

Answer: AC

Which of the following types of DNS records deals with mail delivery for a specific domain?

A. A

Answer: C

When DKIM signing is configured, which DNS record must be updated to load the DKIM public signing key?

A. AAAA record
B. PTR record
C. TXT record
D. MX record

Answer: C

Which attack is mitigated by using Bounce Verification?

A. spoof
B. denial of service
C. eavesdropping
D. smurf

Answer: B

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