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Exam Code: 3308
Exam Name: Avaya Contact Recording and Avaya Quality Monitoring R12 Implementation and Maintenance
Certification Provider: Avaya

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You are playing back a contact in the interactions application under contacts.
The audio is playing fine, but you have no screen replay.
You have confirmed that the screen has recorded, and is replayable from the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
What is causing this problem?

A.    ThePlayBackInstallation application has not been installed on your computer.
B.    Your role does not allow you to replay screen.
C.    You are logged in awsuperuser.
D.    Your preferences is not set to display screen for contacts replay.

Answer: D

Where are Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) alarms logged?

A.    In the Tomcat logs
B.    in the acr logs
C.    in the usage report logs
D.    in the var logs

Answer: B

Using a new computer, you are trying to log into the Enterprise Manager for the Application Server.
Enterprise Manager is accessible from your old PC. When navigating to http://”frameworkserver”:7001/wfo, Internet Explorer closes with no error.
What is causing this problem?

A.    You are using Internet Explorer 8
B.    You are using the wrong URL
C.    You don’t have network connectivity to the Application Server.
D.    You have the pop-up blocker turned on.

Answer: C

You are in the process of creating a new supervisor on the Framework server.
You have created the user profile, but when you try and assign access rights, the “Edit Access Rights” button is greyed out.
What is causing this problem?

A.    You have not created a valid profile.
B.    You have not created the user name and password.
C.    You have not created the profile as a supervisor.
D.    You have not assigned a user to a group.

Answer: D

To check the CPU utilization of the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) server, which two items could you use? (Choose two.)

A.    the Windows 2008 Resource Monitor
B.    the Linux top command
C.    the CPU utilization page in the ACR web client
D.    the Linux var logs

Answer: AD

A customer cannot connect to the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR) server web client.
Which log should you check?

A.    the Tomcat Logs
B.    the Catalina logs
C.    the usage report logs
D.    the var logs

Answer: D

The technician has just restarted the WFO_Production_Domain Production Server service on the Application server, and is now having problems logging into the web portal.
What should be checked first?

A.    that the security settings on Internet Explorer allows access to multiple servers
B.    that the network connectivityto the server is active
C.    that the beasvcX64.exe process has run up to about 1.44 GB of memory usage
D.    that there is no connection via wifi

Answer: B

You cannot find a contact under interactions that was recently recorded.
You have confirmed the recording exists on the Avaya Contact Recorder (ACR).
What is causing this problem?

A.    Your search parameters are too wide.
B.    Your search parameters are include other agents as well.
C.    You have to wait for at least an hour before doing the search.
D.    You have not selected the Near Real-Time contact search option.

Answer: A

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