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FCoE appears to be properly configured. Which two steps should you take to verify the FCoE configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that the jumbo MTU is properly set.
B.    Run the feature fcoe command.
C.    Utilize the proper CoS values on each side.
D.    Ensure that the license has been applied.

Answer: AC

Which two fields should be examined when you use the show otv overlay command to verify that the overlay interface match on both sides? (Choose two.)

A.    Control group
B.    VPN state
C.    Data group range
D.    Site VLAN
E.    VPN name
F.    Join interface

Answer: AB

Which option describes why the merge status for any application shows “In Progress” for a prolongued period of time when a new switch is added to the fabric?

A.    The merge status cannot occur until a copy running-config startup-config is done.
B.    The application needs to be started on both switches.
C.    There are outstanding changes that must be committed.
D.    The ports between the switches are not trunking all VSANs
E.    The new switch must be upgraded to match the same version of code as the original switch.

Answer: C

Which two occurrences happen during an ISSU? (Choose two.)

A.    The control plane is offline for up to 300 seconds.
B.    The time-to-live value for CDP is increased (360 seconds) if it is less than the recommended timeout value
C.    NTP sessions stay alive and active.
D.    FLOGI/fdisc or logo requests from servers fail until the ISSU is complete.
E.    LACP is not affected because ISSU should not impact peers that rely on LACP because the recovery time is less than 90 seconds.

Answer: DE

Which configuration is needed to suppress duplicate IP addresses when HSRP localization is enabled?

A.    Configure mismatching HSRP versions between data centers.
B.    Configure matching passwords in each data center.
C.    Change one data center to run VRRP rather than HSRP.
D.    Remove the passwords in each data center.
E.    Configure no iparp gratuitous hsrp duplicate under the VLAN.

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. Which two commands are missing to enable OTV between N7KA and N7KB? (Choose two.)

A.    create vlan 5-10
B.    enable eigrpon both N7Ks
C.    enable hsrp feature
D.    enable virtual port-channel on vlan 5-10
E.    otv site-vlan on both N7Ks

Answer: AE

When you ping your new Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch, you see this output:
What could be the problem?

A.    The switch has high CPU utilization.
B.    Traffic may be taking a bad route through the network.
C.    HSRP is flapping.
D.    CoPP is rate-limiting the pings

Answer: D

When you look at the HSRP state for devices on a VLAN that is extended in OTV you see only Active, you intended each data center device to show the state as Active and Standby.
What is the problem?

A.    A PACL is missing.
B.    HSRP is not configured correctly.
C.    A VACL is missing.
D.    This is not possible.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. What is the cause of the ISSU failure when using the command show system internal csm global info?

A.    The command conf-t is holding a lock and not released it
B.    The SSN feature is not enabled on both switches
C.    An Administrator is logged in on another session and has a lock of the session data base to prevent ISSU
D.    The reference count is less than 1 due to a lack of successful config-sync
E.    It cannot be determined from the output.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. What are three valid commands to troubleshoot why the port is disabled? (Choose three.)

A.    show internal interface event-history all
B.    show san-port-channel compatibility-parameters
C.    show port info internal interface fc <slot/port>
D.    show san-port-channel internal info
E.    show interface san-port-channel detail all
F.    show port internal event-history interface fc <slot/port>
G.    show san-port-channel internal event-history all

Answer: BFG


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