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Exam Code: 1z0-462
Exam Name: Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Essentials
Certification Provider: Oracle
Corresponding Certification: Oracle WebCenter Sites 11g Certified Implementation Specialist

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Which database does the Jumpstart Kit use?

A.    MySQL
B.    HyperSQL
C.    Sybase
D.    Oracle Express
E.    TimesTen

Answer: E

Where would youchange the defaultview mode to webmode for an asset typein a contentmanagement site?

A.    Admin interface >StartMenu tab
B.    WEM Admin interface > Sites > Manage Site
C.    Admin interface > Site Admin tab
D.    Shared File System > UI/Config/ConfigHTML. jsp, by adding or editing a property

Answer: C

An Article asset has 12fields and mostof them are renderedon a detail template. Which tag can beused to get allthe attributes ina single call?

A.    Asset:get
B.    asset:loadall
C.    asset:scatter
D.    asset:list

Answer: B

Which activity is NOT part of a WebCenter Sites security audit?

A.    reviewing passwords, by changing users with default passwords
B.    hardening of servlets, by configuring web servers to allow access only to the parts of the servlet that you need provide pages
C.    reviewing page caching when it is operating as intended, by ensuring that content is flushed when assets are published
D.    hardening of non-delivery pages, by disabling outside access to all non-delivery pages such as support tools and UI pages
E.    protection against remote calls, by configuring web server rules

Answer: C

Which two accurately describe the capabilities that a SatelliteServer provides in a solution?

A.    deliver of mobile content via satellite feeds
B.    ability to quickly and economically scale a solution
C.    provision of an additional layer of caching, supplementing the layer of caching inWebCenter Sites
D.    addition of another layer of security in the architecture

Answer: BC

Which functionality doesWebCenter SitesPublishing use to ensure thatthere are no broken links orcontent?

A.    It can obtain workflow approval automatically prior to publishing.
B.    It evaluates asset dependencies before publishing.
C.    It copies asset information without the need for SQL queries to the publishing destination.
D.    It publishes code as well as content.

Answer: B

Which three are justificationsfor using an LDAP serverwith WebCenter Sites?

A.    centralizing user credentials
B.    separation of storage for identity and content
C.    leveraging existing identity management solutions
D.    improved asset management
E.    enhanced ACL configuration

Answer: ACE

What two are characteristics of basic assets?

A.    can be rated for use with recommendations and promotions
B.    are simple data structures with a single storage table
C.    support a fixed, predictable design with a moderate number of attributes
D.    do not work with static publishing
E.    do not allow for subtypes
F.    inlcude main tag families such as ASSETSET, SEARCHSTATE, and RENDER

Answer: BF

Which set of asset types can be managed only throughthe Admin UI withthe defaultsettings after aninstallation?

A.    flex filter, recommendation, and flex definition
B.    query, flex definition, and recommendation
C.    SiteEntry, flex parent definition, and flex attributes
D.    flex parent definition, SiteEntry, and query

Answer: D

Which three can be used by an externalsystem to retrieve content fromWebCenter Sites over HTTP?

A.    Writing SQL statements to directly retrieve data from the WebCenter Sites database
B.    Creating templates that use the asset API in WebCenter Sites
C.    Directly reading content stored on the shared file system in WebCenter Sites
D.    Using the REST API provided by the WEM framework
E.    Creating templates that use JSP code in WebCenter Sites

Answer: ABD

Which one of the following accurately describes WebCenter Sites?

A.    an Records Management solution with smart WYSIWYG authoring, a preview environment, and publication workflows
B.    a Content Management System (CMS) that is complete with a delivery platfom, to manage multiple business sites
C.    a .NET development platform with a high performance caching architecture
D.    a commerce site management solution to deliver multichannel, multibrand, and multilingual websites

Answer: C

Which four are fundamental termsin WebCenter Sites thatare represented in the Contributor UI?

A.    asset
B.    page
C.    templates
D.    roles
E.    clickstream
F.    search engine optimization

Answer: ACEF



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