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A user received a targeted spear-phishing email and identified it as suspicious before opening the content. To which category of the Cyber Kill Chain model does to this type of event belong?

A. weaponization
B. delivery
C. exploitation
D. reconnaissance

Answer: B

According to the NIST SP 800-86, which two types of data are considered volatile? (Choose two.)

A. swap files
B. temporary files
C. login sessions
D. dump files
E. free space

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is reviewing a Cuckoo report of a file.
What must the engineer interpret from the report?

A. The file will appear legitimate by evading signature-based detection.
B. The file will not execute its behavior in a sandbox environment to avoid detection.
C. The file will insert itself into an application and execute when the application is run.
D. The file will monitor user activity and send the information to an outside source.

Answer: B

What is the difference between deep packet inspection and stateful inspection?

A. Stateful inspection verifies contents at Layer 4, and deep packet inspection verifies connection at Layer 7.
B. Stateful inspection is more secure than deep packet inspection on Layer 7.
C. Deep packet inspection is more secure than stateful inspection on Layer 4.
D. Deep packet inspection allows visibility on Layer 7, and stateful inspection allows visibility on Layer 4.

Answer: D

What should an engineer use to aid the trusted exchange of public keys between user tom0411976943 and dan1968754032?

A. central key management server
B. web of trust
C. trusted certificate authorities
D. registration authority data

Answer: C

Which tool gives the ability to see session data in real time?

A. tcpdstat
B. trafdump
C. tcptrace
D. trafshow

Answer: C

What is a description of a social engineering attack?

A. fake offer for free music download to trick the user into providing sensitive data
B. package deliberately sent to the wrong receiver to advertise a new product
C. mistakenly received valuable order destined for another person and hidden on purpose
D. email offering last-minute deals on various vacations around the world with a due date and a counter

Answer: D

What describes a buffer overflow attack?

A. injecting new commands into existing buffers
B. fetching data from memory buffer registers
C. overloading a predefined amount of memory
D. suppressing the buffers in a process

Answer: C

Which are two denial-of-service attacks? (Choose two.)

A. TCP connections
B. ping of death
C. man-in-the-middle
D. code-red
E. UDP flooding

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. Where is the executable file?

A. info
B. tags
D. name

Answer: C

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