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After a few new web servers were deployed, the storage team began receiving incidents in their queue about the web servers. The storage administrator wants to verify the incident tickets that should have gone to the web server team. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. Incorrect assignment group in service management
B. Incorrect IP address configuration
C. Incorrect syslog configuration on the web servers
D. Incorrect SNMP settings

Answer: A

A systems administrator is deploying a solution that includes multiple network I/O-intensive VMs. The solution design requires that vNICs of the VMs provide low-latency, near-native performance of a physical NIC and data protection between the VMs. Which of the following would BEST satisfy these requirements?


Answer: A

A global web-hosting company is concerned about the availability of its platform during an upcoming event. Web traffic is forecasted to increase substantially during the next week. The site contains mainly static content. Which of the following solutions will assist with the increased workload?

A. DoH

Answer: D

A company wants to implement business continuity, and the cloud solution architect needs to design the correct solution. Which of the following will provide the data to measure business continuity? (Choose two.)

A. A service-level agreement
B. Automation scripts
C. Playbooks
D. A network diagram
E. A backup and restore
F. A recovery time objective

Answer: DF

A systems administrator is about to deploy a new VM to a cloud environment. Which of the following will the administrator MOST likely use to select an address for the VM?


Answer: D

Which of the following is relevant to capacity planning in a SaaS environment?

A. Licensing
B. A hypervisor
C. Clustering
D. Scalability

Answer: D

An organization is hosting a DNS domain with private and public IP ranges. Which of the following should be implemented to achieve ease of management?

A. Network peering
B. A CDN solution
C. A SDN solution
D. An IPAM solution

Answer: D

A systems administrator is performing upgrades to all the hypervisors in the environment. Which of the following components of the hypervisors should be upgraded? (Choose two.)

A. The fabric interconnects
B. The virtual appliances
C. The firmware
D. The virtual machines
E. The baselines
F. The operating system

Answer: CF

A SAN that holds VM files is running out of storage space. Which of the following will BEST increase the amount of effective storage on the SAN?

A. Enable encryption.
B. Increase IOPS.
C. Convert the SAN from RAID 50 to RAID 60.
D. Configure deduplication.

Answer: D

Which of the following actions should a systems administrator perform during the containment phase of a security incident in the cloud?

A. Deploy a new instance using a known-good base image.
B. Configure a firewall rule to block the traffic on the affected instance.
C. Perform a forensic analysis of the affected instance.
D. Conduct a tabletop exercise involving developers and systems administrators.

Answer: B

A systems administrator has migrated a web application to the cloud with a synchronous uplink speed of 100Mbps. After the migration, the administrator receives reports of slow connectivity to the web application. The administrator logs into the firewall and notices the WAN port is transmitting at a constant 12.5MBps. Which of the following BEST explains the reason for the issue?

A. Misconfigured subnetting
B. Insufficient compute
C. Firewall issues
D. Not enough upload bandwidth

Answer: D

A user reports a poor-quality remote VDI session. Which of the following should the help desk technician do FIRST to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Check the FAQ section of the vendor’s documentation.
B. Ask the user if the client device or access location has changed.
C. Reboot the user’s virtual desktop.
D. Request permission to log in to the device remotely.

Answer: C

A systems administrator is examining a managed hosting agreement and wants to determine how much data would be lost if a server had to be restored from backups. To which of the following metrics should the administrator refer?


Answer: C

A systems administrator for an e-commerce company will be migrating the company’s main website to a cloud provider. The principal requirement is that the website must be highly available. Which of the following will BEST address this requirement?

A. Vertical scaling
B. A server cluster
C. Redundant switches
D. A next-generation firewall

Answer: B

A development team recently completed testing changes to a company’s web-based CMS in the sandbox environment. The cloud administrator deployed these CMS application changes to the staging environment as part of the next phase in the release life cycle. The deployment was successful, but after deploying the CMS application, the web page displays an error message stating the application is unavailable. After reviewing the application logs, the administrator sees an error message that the CMS is unable to connect to the database. Which of the following is the BEST action for the cloud administrator to perform to resolve the issue?

A. Modify the deployment script to delete and recreate the database whenever the CMS application is deployed.
B. Modify the ACL to allow the staging environment to access the database in the sandbox environment.
C. Modify the CMS application deployment to use the previous version and redeploy the application.
D. Modify the configuration settings of the CMS application to connect to the database in the current environment.

Answer: D

A cloud administrator is responsible for managing a cloud-based content management solution. According to the security policy, any data that is hosted in the cloud must be protected against data exfiltration. Which of the following solutions should the administrator implement?


Answer: D

Lateral-moving malware has infected the server infrastructure. Which of the following network changes would MOST effectively prevent lateral movement in the future?

A. Implement DNSSEC in all DNS servers.
B. Segment the physical network using a VLAN.
C. Implement microsegmentation on the network.
D. Implement 802.1X in the network infrastructure.

Answer: C

A systems administrator is creating a playbook to run tasks against a server on a set schedule. Which of the following authentication techniques should the systems administrator use within the playbook?

A. Use the server’s root credentials.
B. Hard-code the password within the playbook.
C. Create a service account on the server.
D. Use the administrator’s SSO credentials.

Answer: C

Which of the following should be considered for capacity planning?

A. Requirements, licensing, and trend analysis
B. Laws and regulations
C. Regions, clusters, and containers
D. Hypervisors and scalability

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is setting up a new coworker for API access to a public cloud environment. The administrator creates a new user and gives the coworker access to a collection of automation scripts. When the coworker attempts to use a deployment script, a 403 error is returned. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the error?

A. Connectivity to the public cloud is down.
B. User permissions are not correct.
C. The script has a configuration error.
D. Oversubscription limits have been exceeded.

Answer: B

A systems administrator is troubleshooting a performance issue with a virtual database server. The administrator has identified the issue as being disk related and believes the cause is a lack of IOPS on the existing spinning disk storage. Which of the following should the administrator do NEXT to resolve this issue?

A. Upgrade the virtual database server.
B. Move the virtual machine to flash storage and test again.
C. Check if other machines on the same storage are having issues.
D. Document the findings and place them in a shared knowledge base.

Answer: C

In an existing IaaS instance, it is required to deploy a single application that has different versions. Which of the following should be recommended to meet this requirement?

A. Deploy using containers.
B. Install a Type 2 hypervisor.
C. Enable SR-IOV on the host.
D. Create snapshots.

Answer: A

An organization is using multiple SaaS-based business applications, and the systems administrator is unable to monitor and control the use of these subscriptions. The administrator needs to implement a solution that will help the organization apply security policies and monitor each individual SaaS subscription. Which of the following should be deployed to achieve these requirements?


Answer: B

A cloud administrator needs to reduce the cost of cloud services by using the company’s off-peak period. Which of the following would be the BEST way to achieve this with minimal effort?

A. Create a separate subscription.
B. Create tags.
C. Create an auto-shutdown group.
D. Create an auto-scaling group.

Answer: C

A media company has made the decision to migrate a physical, internal file server to the cloud and use a web-based interface to access and manage the files. The users must be able to use their current corporate logins. Which of the following is the MOST efficient way to achieve this goal?Deploy a VM in a cloud, attach storage, and copy the files across.

A. Deploy a VM in a cloud, attach storage, and copy the files across.
B. Use a SaaS service with a directory service federation.
C. Deploy a fileshare in a public cloud and copy the files across.
D. Copy the files to the object storage location in a public cloud.

Answer: B

A systems administrator is configuring a storage array. Which of the following should the administrator configure to set up mirroring on this array?


Answer: B

A systems administrator is working in a globally distributed cloud environment. After a file server VM was moved to another region, all users began reporting slowness when saving files. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the administrator should check while troubleshooting?

A. Network latency
B. Network connectivity
C. Network switch
D. Network peering

Answer: A

A systems administrator adds servers to a round-robin, load-balanced pool, and then starts receiving reports of the website being intermittently unavailable. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of the issue?

A. The network is being saturated.
B. The load balancer is being overwhelmed.
C. New web nodes are not operational.
D. The API version is incompatible.
E. There are time synchronization issues.

Answer: C

A company has a cloud infrastructure service, and the cloud architect needs to set up a DR site. Which of the following should be configured in between the cloud environment and the DR site?

A. Fallback
B. Playbook
C. Zoning
D. Replication

Answer: A

A cloud administrator is building a new VM for a network security appliance. The security appliance installer says the CPU clock speed does not meet the requirements. Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

A. Move the VM to a host with a faster CPU.
B. Add more vCPUs to the VM.
C. Enable CPU masking on the VM.
D. Enable hyperthreading on the virtual host.

Answer: A

A technician is working with an American company that is using cloud services to provide video-based training for its customers. Recently, due to a surge in demand, customers in Europe are experiencing latency. Which of the following services should the technician deploy to eliminate the latency issue?

A. Auto-scaling
B. Cloud bursting
C. A content delivery network
D. A new cloud provider

Answer: C

A systems administrator has received an email from the virtualized environment’s alarms indicating the memory was reaching full utilization. When logging in, the administrator notices that one out of a five-host cluster has a utilization of 500GB out of 512GB of RAM. The baseline utilization has been 300GB for that host. Which of the following should the administrator check NEXT?

A. Storage array
B. Running applications
C. VM integrity
D. Allocated guest resources

Answer: B

Company A has acquired Company B and is in the process of integrating their cloud resources. Company B needs access to Company A’s cloud resources while retaining its 1AM solution. Which of the following should be implemented?

A. Multifactor authentication
B. Single sign-on
C. Identity federation
D. Directory service

Answer: C

A systems administrator wants to have near-real-time information on the volume of data being exchanged between an application server and its clients on the Internet. Which of the following should the systems administrator implement to achieve this objective?

A. A stateful firewall
D. Network flows

Answer: D

A company had a system compromise, and the engineering team resolved the issue after 12 hours. Which of the following information will MOST likely be requested by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to understand the issue and its resolution?

A. A root cause analysis
B. Application documentation
C. Acquired evidence
D. Application logs

Answer: A

A company that utilizes an IaaS service provider has contracted with a vendor to perform a penetration test on its environment. The vendor is able to exploit the virtualization layer and obtain access to other instances within the cloud provider’s environment that do not belong to the company. Which of the following BEST describes this attack?

A. VM escape
B. Directory traversal
C. Buffer overflow
D. Heap spraying

Answer: A

A cloud administrator has finished setting up an application that will use RDP to connect. During testing, users experience a connection timeout error. Which of the following will MOST likely solve the issue?

A. Checking user passwords
B. Configuring QoS rules
C. Enforcing TLS authentication
D. Opening TCP port 3389

Answer: B

A storage array that is used exclusively for datastores is being decommissioned, and a new array has been installed. Now the private cloud administrator needs to migrate the data. Which of the following migration methods would be the BEST to use?

A. Conduct a V2V migration.
B. Perform a storage live migration.
C. Rsync the data between arrays.
D. Use a storage vendor migration appliance.

Answer: C

A cloud administrator checked out the deployment scripts used to deploy the sandbox environment to a public cloud provider. The administrator modified the script to add an application load balancer in front of the web-based front-end application. The administrator next used the script to recreate a new sandbox environment successfully, and the application was then using the new load balancer.
The following week, a new update was required to add more front-end servers to the sandbox environment. A second administrator made the necessary changes and checked out the deployment scripts. The second administrator then ran the script, but the application load balancer was missing from the new deployment. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this issue?

A. The license limit on the number of server deployments allowed per month was exceeded.
B. The deployment script changes made by the first administrator were not checked in and committed.
C. The new server images were incompatible with the application load-balancer configuration.
D. The application load balancer exceeded the maximum number of servers it could use.

Answer: B

A systems administrator is configuring updates on a system. Which of the following update branches should the administrator choose to ensure the system receives updates that are maintained for at least four years?

B. Canary
C. Beta
D. Stable

Answer: A

A systems administrator is performing an OS upgrade on a production VM. Which of the following actions should the administrator take before the upgrade to ensure the FASTEST recovery of the system in case the upgrade fails in an unrecoverable way?

A. Submit the upgrade to the CAB.
B. Perform a full backup.
C. Take a snapshot of the system.
D. Test the upgrade in a preproduction environment.

Answer: C

Users are experiencing slow response times from an intranet website that is hosted on a cloud platform. There is a site-to-site VPN connection to the cloud provider over a link of 100Mbps. Which of the following solutions will resolve the issue the FASTEST?

A. Change the connection to point-to-site VPN.
B. Order a direct link to the provider.
C. Enable quality of service.
D. Upgrade the link to 200Mbps.

Answer: B

A company with a worldwide presence wants to improve the user experience for its website. Which of the following can a systems administrator implement to improve download speeds and latency for the end users?

A. A CDN solution
B. An MPLS connection between datacenters
C. A DNS round robin
D. A site-to-site VPN between datacenters

Answer: A

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