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Which two NHRP functions are specific to DMVPN Phase 3 implementation? (Choose two.)

A. registration reply
B. redirect
C. resolution reply
D. registration request
E. resolution request

Answer: BC

Which two features are valid backup options for an IOS FlexVPN client? (Choose two.)

A. HSRP stateless failover
B. DNS-based hub resolution
C. reactivate primary peer
D. tunnel pivot
E. need distractor

Answer: BC

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of VPN is used?

B. clientless SSL VPN
C. Cisco Easy VPN
D. Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN

Answer: C

Which Cisco AnyConnect component ensures that devices in a specific internal subnet are only accessible using port 443?

A. routing
C. split tunnel
D. VPN filter

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Upon setting up a tunnel between two sites, users are complaining that connections to applications over the VPN are not working consistently. The output of show crypto ipsec sa was collected on one of the VPN devices. Based on this output, what should be done to fix this issue?

A. Lower the tunnel MTU.
B. Enable perfect forward secrecy.
C. Specify the application networks in the remote identity.
D. Make an adjustment to IPSec replay window.

Answer: A

After a user configures a connection profile with a bookmark list and tests the clientless SSLVPN connection, all of the bookmarks are grayed out. What must be done to correct this behavior?

A. Apply the bookmark to the correct group policy.
B. Specify the correct port for the web server under the bookmark.
C. Configure a DNS server on the Cisco ASA and verify it has a record for the web server.
D. Verify HTTP/HTTPS connectivity between the Cisco ASA and the web server.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of VPN is being configured, based on the partial configuration snippet?

A. GET VPN with COOP key server
B. GET VPN with dual group member
C. FlexVPN load balancer
D. FlexVPN backup gateway

Answer: A

An administrator is designing a VPN with a partner’s non-Cisco VPN solution. The partner’s VPN device will negotiate an IKEv2 tunnel that will only encrypt subnets going to Which technology must be used to meet these requirements?

B. crypto map

Answer: B

A company’s remote locations connect to the data centers via MPLS. A new request requires that unicast and multicast traffic that exits in the remote locations be encrypted. Which non-tunneled technology should be used to satisfy this requirement?

B. FlexVPN

Answer: D

While troubleshooting, an engineer finds that the show crypto isakmp sa command indicates that the last state of the tunnel is MM_KEY_EXCH. What is the next step that should be taken to resolve this issue?

A. Verify that the ISAKMP proposals match.
B. Ensure that UDP 500 is not being blocked between the devices.
C. Correct the peer’s IP address on the crypto map.
D. Confirm that the pre-shared keys match on both devices.

Answer: C

Which VPN technology must be used to ensure that routers are able to dynamically form connections with each other rather than sending traffic through a hub and be able to advertise routes without the use of a dynamic routing protocol?

A. FlexVPN
B. DMVPN Phase 3
C. DMVPN Phase 2

Answer: B

An administrator is setting up AnyConnect for the first time for a few users. Currently, the router does not have access to a RADIUS server. Which AnyConnect protocol must be used to allow users to authenticate?

D. EAP-AnyConnect

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. DMVPN spoke-to-spoke traffic works, but it passes through the hub, and never sends direct spoke-to-spoke traffic. Based on the tunnel interface configuration shown, what must be configured on the hub to solve the issue?

A. Enable NHRP redirect.
B. Enable split horizon.
C. Enable IP redirects.
D. Enable NHRP shortcut.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Which two conclusions should be drawn from the DMVPN phase 2 configuration? (Choose two.)

A. Next-hop-self is required.
B. EIGRP neighbor adjacency will fail.
C. EIGRP is used as the dynamic routing protocol.
D. EIGRP route redistribution is not allowed.
E. Spoke-to-spoke communication is allowed.

Answer: CE

Refer to the exhibit. The VPN tunnel between the FlexVPN spoke and FlexVPN hub is failing.
What should be done to correct this issue?

A. Add the address command to the keyring configuration.
B. Add the match fvrf any command to the IKEv2 policy.
C. Add the aaa authorization group psk list Flex_AAA Flex_Auth command to the IKEv2 profile configuration.
D. Add the tunnel mode gre ip command to the tunnel configuration.

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. An IKEv2 site-to-site tunnel between an ASA and a remote peer is not building successfully. What will fix the problem based on the debug output?

A. Ensure crypto IPsec policy matches on both VPN devices.
B. Install the correct certificate to validate the peer.
C. Correct crypto access list on both VPN devices.
D. Specify the peer IP address in the tunnel group name.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is reconfiguring clientless SSLVPN during a maintenance window, and after testing the new configuration, is unable to establish the connection. What must be done to remediate this problem?

A. Enable client services on the outside interface.
B. Enable clientless protocol under the group policy.
C. Enable DTLS under the group policy.
D. Enable auto sign-on for the user’s IP address.

Answer: B

What are two purposes of the key server in Cisco IOS GETVPN? (Choose two.)

A. to download encryption keys
B. to maintain encryption policies
C. to distribute routing information
D. to encrypt data traffic
E. to authenticate group members

Answer: BE

An engineer notices that while an employee is connected remotely, all traffic is being routed to the corporate network. Which split-tunnel policy allows a remote client to use their local provider for Internet access when working from home?

A. tunnelall
B. excludeall
C. tunnelspecified
D. excludespecified

Answer: C

In order to enable FlexVPN to use a AAA attribute list, which two tasks must be performed? (Choose two.)

A. Define the RADIUS server.
B. Verify that clients are using the correct authorization policy.
C. Define the AAA server.
D. Assign the list to an authorization policy.
E. Set the maximum segment size.

Answer: BD

Which technology and VPN component allows a VPN headend to dynamically learn post NAT IP addresses of remote routers at different sites?


Answer: C

An engineer must configure remote desktop connectivity for offsite admins via clientless SSL VPN, configured on a Cisco ASA to Windows Vista workstations. Which two configurations provide the requested access? (Choose two.)

A. Telnet bookmark via the Telnet plugin
B. RDP2 bookmark via the RDP2 plugin
C. VNC bookmark via the VNC plugin
D. Citrix bookmark via the ICA plugin
E. SSH bookmark via the SSH plugin

Answer: BE

A network engineer must design a clientless VPN solution for a company. VPN users must be able to access several internal web servers. When reachability to those web servers was tested, it was found that one website is not being rewritten correctly by the ASA. What is a potential solution for this issue while still allowing it to be a clientless VPN setup?

A. Set up a smart tunnel with the IP address of the web server.
B. Set up a NAT rule that translates the ASA public address to the web server private address on port 80.
C. Set up Cisco AnyConnect with a split tunnel that has the IP address of the web server.
D. Set up a WebACL to permit the IP address of the web server.

Answer: A

Which two types of SSO functionality are available on the Cisco ASA without any external SSO servers? (Choose two.)

C. Kerberos
D. OAuth 2.0
E. HTTP Basic

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of VPN implementation is displayed?

A. IKEv1 cluster
B. IKEv2 backup gateway
C. IKEv2 load balancer
D. IKEv2 reconnect

Answer: C

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