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You notice traffic destined to is traversing an OSPF path rather than BGP path, Referring to Exhibit, What is causing this behavior? ***Exhibit is Missing***

A. The BGP route is missing a valid default next hop
B. The BGP has a higher route preference
C. The route does not have a valid BGP entry
D. The BGP route’s outgoing interface is down

Answer: B

What is the minimum system-defined user class required to issue clear commands?

A. read-only
B. super-user
C. operator
D. authorized

Answer: C

Which two commands would you use to reset the candidate configuration to the active configuration? (Choose two.)

A. rollback 0
B. rollback 1
C. rollback 2
D. rollback

Answer: AD

Given the following configuration,
set system authentication-order [ tacplus ]
Which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

A. If the TACACS+ server is available and rejects the username/password provided, the user is not allowed to access the device.
B. If the TACACS+ server is available and rejects the username/password provided, the local password database is checked.
C. If the TACACS+ server is not available, the user is not allowed to access the device.
D. If the TACACS+ server is not available, the local user database is checked.

Answer: AD

Which two keystrokes will auto-complete a command? (Choose two.)

A. Esc
B. Tab
C. Spacebar
D. End

Answer: BC

Which keystroke is used to auto-complete user-defined variables?

A. Spacebar
B. Home
C. Esc
D. Tab

Answer: D

Routing policies contain which two type of statements? (Choose two.)

A. and
B. from
C. default
D. then

Answer: BD

Which command allows you to verify the syntax and consistency of your configuration without actually activating your configuration?

A. User Interfaces
B. commit verify
C. commit check
D. check commit
E. commit no-activate

Answer: C

In your configuration, an interface contains multiple IP addresses belonging to the same subnet. You want to identify the IP address to use for packets sent to hosts on the same subnet. Which parameter would you use to accomplish this task?

A. relative
B. preferred
C. primary
D. patch

Answer: B

When you first log in to a router, how does the router indicate that factory defaults are being used? Junos Configuration Basics

A. The router’s host name is Amnesiac.
B. The password you used to log in is junos.
C. The router immediately enters configuration mode after you log in.
D. The router allows you to enter configuration mode without logging in.

Answer: A

Which keystroke combination allows users to move the cursor to the end of the command line without deleting text?

A. Ctrl + a
B. Ctrl + e
C. Ctrl + u
D. Ctrl + w

Answer: B

Which command is used to replace the current configuration?

A. load replace
B. load patch
C. load override
D. load set

Answer: C

What is an “X” release of the Junos OS?

A. a standard feature release
B. a special feature release
C. a feature velocity release
D. a feature beta release

Answer: B

You are attempting to upgrade the Junos OS on your device, but there is not enough space to complete the upgrade. Which parameter, added to the request system software add command, would solve the problem?

A. no-validate
B. no-copy
C. validate
D. force

Answer: B

What are three functions of the RE? (Choose three.)

A. to maintain the forwarding tables
B. to enforce stateless firewall filters
C. to manage the PFE
D. to monitor the chassis
E. to implement policing

Answer: ACD

What are two examples of transit traffic? (Choose two.)

A. SCP traffic that is destined for the router’s loopback interface.
B. SCP traffic that enters one interface and exits another interface on the local router.
C. SFTP traffic that enters and exits the same interface on the local router.
D. SFTP traffic that enters one interface and is destined for another interface on the local router

Answer: AD

How would you change the display so that 40 lines will be displayed in the terminal program when you are logged into a Junos device?

A. Issue the set cli screen-length 40 command from operational mode.
B. Issue the set cli screen-length 40 command from configuration mode
C. Set the display options in your terminal program.
D. Set the window size of your terminal program.

Answer: A

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