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Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the devices from the left onto the correct functions on the right.


https://www.ciscolive.com/c/dam/r/ciscolive/emea/docs/2019/pdf/LTRCRS-3550.pdf slide 8

Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the vManage policy configuration procedures from the left onto the correct definitions on the right.



Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the policies from the left onto the correct policy types on the right.


Drag and Drop Question
Drag and drop the actions from the left into the correct sequence on the right to create a data policy to direct traffic to the Internet exit.



When redistribution is configured between OMP and BGP at two Data Center sites that have Direct Connection Interlink, which step avoids learning the same routes on WAN Edge routers of the DCs from LAN?

A. Set down-bit on Edge routers on DC1
B. Define different VRFs on both DCs
C. Set OMP admin distance lower than BGP admin distance
D. Set same overlay AS on both DC WAN Edge routers

Answer: BD

Which statement about VRRP is true?

A. It supports load balancing.
B. It can be configured with HSRP on a switch or switch stack.
C. It supports IPv4 and IPv6.
D. It supports encrypted authentication.

Answer: B

Where does the Cisco V-Edge Router perform QOS traffic classification?

A. Per VPN
B. Per vEdge
C. Egress interface
D. Ingress interface

Answer: D

On which device is a service FW address configured to insert firewall service at the hub?

A. vSmart at the branch
B. vEdge at the branch
C. vEdge at the hub
D. vSmart at the hub

Answer: C

Which attributes are configured to uniquely identify and represent a TLOC route?

A. system IP address, link color, and encapsulation
B. origin, originator, and preference
C. site ID, tag, and VPN
D. firewall, IPS, and application optimization

Answer: A

Which type of route advertisement of OMP can be verified?

A. Origin, TLOC, and VPN
B. Origin, TLOC, and service
C. OMP, VPN, and origin
D. OMP, TLOC, and service

Answer: D

Which command displays BFD session summary information per TLOC on vEdge routers?

A. show bfd tloc-summary-list
B. show bfd history
C. show bfd summary
D. show bfd sessions

Answer: A

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