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A router running ISIS is showing high CPU and bandwidth utilization.
An engineer discovers that the router is configured as L1/L2 and has L1 and L2 neighbors.
Which step optimizes the design to address the issue?

A. Make this router a DIS for each of the interfaces
B. Disable the default behavior of advertising the default route on the L1/L2 router
C. Configure the router to be either L1 or L2
D. Configure each interface as either L1 or L2 circuit type

Answer: D

A network engineer must connect two sites across a public network using a secure tunneling technology that supports multicast traffic. Which technology must be chosen?

A. IPsec
D. GRE over IPsec

Answer: D

Which control-plane technology allows the same subnet to exist across multiple network locations?

C. FabricPath
D. ISE mobility services

Answer: B

Which two statements describe source trees in a multicast environment? (Choose two.)

A. Source trees guarantee the minimum amount of network latency for forwarding multicast traffic
B. Source trees create an optimal path between the source and the receivers
C. Source trees use a single common root placed at some chosen point in the network
D. Source trees can introduce latency in packet delivery
E. Source trees can create suboptimal paths between the source and the receivers

Answer: AB

Which of the following are valid methods of VRRP authentication? (Choose three.)

A. SHA-124
B. SHA-254
C. No authentication
E. Plain text authentication
F. MD5

Answer: CEF

Which three basic types of SD-WAN deployments are out on the market? (Choose three.)

A. SD-WAN as-a-Service
B. secure SD-WAN service
C. internet-based SD-WAN
D. policy-based SD-WAN
E. managed service SD-WAN
F. MPLS-based

Answer: ACE

Which two statements about VRRP are true? (Choose two.)

A. Authentication commands must be entered under the interface.
B. It sends advertisements to multicast address
C. It supports MD5 and IP sec authentication.
D. It can use an interface IP address as the virtual IP address.
E. It sends advertisements to multicast address
F. It is a Cisco proprietary protocol.

Answer: DE

What following parameters for the EIGRP authentication need to match in order for EIGRP neighbors to establish a neighbor relationship?

A. Autonomous System number.
B. K-Values
C. If authentication is used both: the key number, the password, and the date/time.
D. The neighbors must be on common subnet (all IGPs follow this rule).

Answer: C

Which feature must be incorporated into the campus LAN design to enable Wake on LAN?

A. dynamic ARP Inspection Snooping on layer 2 devices
B. directed broadcasts on layer 3 devices
C. proxy ARP on layer 3 devices
D. DHCP Snooping on layer 2 devices

Answer: B

Which function are fabric intermediate nodes responsible for in an SD-Access Architecture?

A. mapping EIDs to RLOCs
B. encapsulating user traffic in a VXLAN header including the SGT
C. registering new endpoints in the HTDB
D. transporting IP packets between edge nodes and border nodes

Answer: D

An engineer is designing a QoS policy that queues excess packets for later transmission.
Which mechanism must be included in the design?

A. shaping
C. policing

Answer: A

An organization is designing a detailed QoS plan that limits bandwidth to specific rates.
Which two parameters are supported be the traffic policing feature? (Choose two.)

A. violating
B. marking
C. shaping
D. bursting
E. conforming

Answer: BC

Which QoS feature responds to network congestion by dropping lower priority packets?

B. tail drop
D. strict priority

Answer: C

Which two BGP features will result in successful route exchanges between eBGP neighbors sharing the same AS number? (Choose two.)

A. advertise-best-external
B. bestpath as-path ignore
C. client-to-client reflection
D. as-override
E. allow-as-in

Answer: DE

A company is running BGP on a single router, which has two connections to the same ISP. Which BGP feature ensures traffic is load balanced across the two links to the ISP?

A. Multihop
B. Multipath Load Sharing
C. Next-Hop Address Tracking
D. AS-Path Prepending

Answer: B

What is the purpose of an edge node in an SD-Access network fabric?

A. Edge nodes identify and authenticate endpoints and register endpoint information with control plane nodes.
B. Edge nodes track endpoint IDs to location mappings, along with IPv4, IPv6, or MAC addresses.
C. Edge nodes are the gateway between the fabric domain and network outside of the fabric.
D. Edge nodes resolve lookup requests from edge and border nodes to locate destination endpoint IDs.

Answer: A

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