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Which two logical router components span across all transport nodes? (Choose two.)


Correct Answer: AD

Which step must be performed before deploying an additional NSX Manager from the NSX-T UI?

A. Prepare the ESXi hosts as Transport Nodes.
B. Configure the Virtual IP of the cluster.
C. Register vCenter Server as a Compute Manager.
D. Create an Edge Cluster.

Correct Answer: C

Which three functions require a Services Router (SR) component on an Edge node? (Choose three.)

A. Service Insertion
B. Distributed Routing
C. Packet Forwarding
D. Gateway Firewall
E. Distributed Firewall
F. Virtual Private Network

Correct Answer: ADF

Which NSX CLI command is used to check the GENEVE tunnel status on ESXi transport node?
A. get host-switch <Host-Switch-Name> tunnels
B. get transport-node tunnel status
C. get host-switch <Host-Switch-Name> tunnel status
D. get transport-node tunnel state

Correct Answer: A

What are two valid options when configuring the scope of a distributed firewall rule? (Choose two.)

A. Segment Port
B. Group
C. Segment
E. Tier-1 Gateway

Correct Answer: BD

Which two commands does an NSX administrator use to check the IP address of the VMkernel port for the GENEVE protocol on the ESXi transport node? (Choose two.)

A. esxcfg-nics -1
B. net-dvs
C. esxcli network nic list
D. esxcfg-vmknic -1
E. esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get

Correct Answer: DE

Which three services are compatible with VRF Lite? (Choose three.)

B. Intrusion Detection
D. Load Balancer

Correct Answer: ACD

Which CLI command is used to start the NSX Manager virtual machine in the KVM environment?

A. virsh start <NSX-Manager-ID>
B. virsh poweron <nsx-manager-ID>
C. virsh start <NSX-Manager-Name>
D. virsh poweron <nsx-manager-name>

Correct Answer: C

Which component does the hyperbus interface (vmk50) provide network connectivity to?

A. containers running on ESXi/KVM transport nodes
B. virtual machines and containers running across transport nodes
C. virtual machines running on the same hypervisor
D. virtual machines running in the same segment

Correct Answer: A

When deploying east-west network introspection, which Service Virtual Machine (SVM) deployment method achieves the least amount of traffic hairpinning?

A. Create a secondary vNIC on each quest VM for SVM communication.
B. Place a partner SVM on each compute cluster node.
C. Centralize partner SVMs in a service cluster.
D. Add partner SVMs to an edge cluster.

Correct Answer: A

In a NSX-T Data Center environment, an administrator is observing low throughput and congestion between the Tier-0 Gateway and the upstream physical routers.

Which two actions could address low throughput and congestion? (Choose two.)

A. Deploy Large size Edge node/s.
B. Configure ECMP on the Tier-0 gateway.
C. Configure NAT on the Tier-0 gateway.
D. Add an additional vNIC to the NSX Edge node.
E. Configure a Tier-1 gateway and connect it directly to the physical routers.

Correct Answer: AB

Which three steps must be carried out to configure North-South / East-West Network Inspection? (Choose three.)

A. Service Deployment
B. Service Insertion
C. Service Consumption
D. Service Registration
E. Service Introspection

Correct Answer: ABE

Which statement describes the VMware Virtual Cloud Network Vision?

A. Virtual Cloud Network connects and protects virtual machines running in KVM environments.
B. Virtual Cloud Network connects and protects virtual machines running in vSphere environments.
C. Virtual Cloud Network connects and protects applications, regardless of their physical locations.
D. Virtual Cloud Network connects and protects applications and data, regardless of their physical locations.

Correct Answer: D

Which two commands are used to query the arp-table of a logical switch? (Choose two.)

A. get logical-switch arp-table <logical-switch-uuid>
B. get logical-switch arp-table <vni>
C. get logical-switch arp-table
D. get logical-switch <logical-switch-uuid> arp-table
E. get logical-switch <vni> arp-table

Correct Answer: DE

Which two statements describe the characteristics of an Edge Cluster in NSX-T 3.0 Data Center? (Choose two.)

A. can have a maximum of 8 edge nodes
B. must have only active-active edge nodes
C. can have a maximum of 10 edge nodes
D. can contain multiple types of edge nodes (VM or bare metal)
E. must contain only one type of edge nodes (VM or bare metal)

Correct Answer: CD

A security administrator needs to configure a firewall rule based on the domain name of a specific application.

Which field in a distributed firewall rule does the administrator configure?

A. Profile
B. Source
C. Service
D. Policy

Correct Answer: A

What are the advantages of using a Tier-0 Gateway in ECMP mode? (Choose two.)

A. stateful services leveraged
B. Failover of services
C. traffic predictability
D. traffic load balancing
E. increased north/south bandwidth

Correct Answer: DE

An NSX administrator has configured a load balancer virtual server on a Tier-1 Gateway.

In order to advertise the load balancer virtual IP to the Tier-0 Gateway, which route advertisement configuration has to be done on the Tier-1 Gateway? (Choose two.)

A. Advertise All LB SNAT IP Routes
B. All Static Routes
C. Information
D. Advertise All LB VIP Routes
E. Advertise All NAT Routes

Correct Answer: DE

When a stateful service is enabled for the first time on a Tier-0 Gateway, what happens on the NSX Edge node?

A. SR and DR doesn’t need to be connected to provide any stateful services.
B. DR is instantiated and automatically connected with SR.
C. SR is instantiated and automatically connected with DR.
D. SR and DR is instantiated but requires manual connection.

Correct Answer: C

An NSX administrator is planning to deploy a multi-tier routing topology in their NSX-T Data Center environment to provide north-south connectivity for the VMs.

Which routing component must be deployed?

A. Tier-1 Gateway
B. Edge Services Gateway
C. Tier-0 Gateway
D. Layer 2 Gateway

Correct Answer: C

Which CLI command on NSX Manager and NSX Edge is used to change NTP settings?

A. set time-server
B. get timezone
C. set ntp-server
D. set timezone

Correct Answer: C

Which network virtualization technologies can be used with an Ethernet VPN (EVPN) deployment in NSX- T Data Center? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual Extensible Local Area Network (VXLAN)
B. Multiprotocol Border Gateway Protocol (MP-BGP)
C. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
D. Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)
E. Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)

Correct Answer: AB

Which three teaming policy modes are supported by NSX-T Data Center? (Choose three.)

A. Destination MAC
B. Load Balanced Source IP
C. Failover Order
D. Destination Port
E. Load Balanced Source MAC
F. Load Balanced Source Correct Answer: CEF QUESTION 57
An NSX administrator is creating a Tier-1 Gateway configured in Active-Standby High Availability Mode. In the event of node failure, the failover policy should not allow the original failed node to become the Active node upon recovery.

Which failover policy meets this requirement?

A. Non-Preemptive
B. Preemptive
C. Enable Preemptive
D. Disable Preemptive

Correct Answer: A

Which two choices are solutions of the NSX portfolio (Choose two.)?

A. vRealize Automation
B. NSX Distributed IDS/IPS
C. vRealize Network Insight
D. Tanzu Kubernetes Grid
E. NSX Service Mesh

Correct Answer: BE

Where are Distributed Firewall logs containing access decisions stored?

B. NSX Edge
C. NSX Manager
D. Hypervisor transport node

Correct Answer: C

What are three NSX Manager roles? (Choose three.)

A. cloud
B. manager
C. zookeeper
D. policy
E. master
F. controller

Correct Answer: BDF

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