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A user wants to see the workstations present on the LAN in a workgroup environment. Which of the following settings must be enabled to make this possible?

A. Turn off public folder sharing
B. Turn on network discovery
C. Use 128-bit encryption
D. Turn on file and folder sharing

Answer: B

The medical records department of a local hospital recently upgraded its computers. A technician needs to ensure the data stored on the hard drives is unrecoverable. Which of the following methods should the technician use to meet the requirement?

A. Standard format
B. Low-level format
C. Overwrite
D. Degauss

Answer: D

A large corporation wants to secure its wireless network so only employees can connect. Which of the following technologies should be used to control access by user account?


Answer: A

A company needs to destroy several SSDs that contain sensitive information. Which of the following methods is BEST suited for the total destruction of the SSDs?

A. Overwriting
B. Formatting
C. Incinerating
D. Degaussing

Answer: C

Joe, a user, believes his computer is infected with malware. The device is having difficulty accessing some websites, and web services are not responding from any of the web browsers, although Joe can access these services from his smartphone without issue. The computer’s malware scanner has the latest definitions installed. Which of the following would BEST explain why the computer is functioning this way?

A. Expired root certificate
B. OS update failures
C. Pop-up blocker
D. Hijacked email

Answer: A

Which of the following is protected data that can be found in a medical record?


Answer: B

A network support technician takes a call from an office manager who wants to change the wireless security key on the access point in that particular office. The office manager explains that a label on the access point indicates it has an IP address of Which of the following should the technician use to connect securely to the access point to make the change?

A. RDP to
B. SSH to
C. HTTP to
D. Telnet to

Answer: B

A technician is troubleshooting a computer that may have some corrupt operating system files. Which of the following command line tools should the technician use to check these files?

A. dism
B. chkdsk
C. diskpart
D. sfc

Answer: B

What a user is allowed to do on a computer network would be addressed in:

A. a user acceptance policy
B. regulatory and compliance policy
C. a password policy
D. an acceptable use policy

Answer: D

A systems administrator creates a new folder in the user profile. The administrator wants it to have different NTFS permissions than its parent folder. Which of the following settings should the administrator change?

A. File attributes
B. Share permissions
C. Local share
D. Inheritance

Answer: D

A SOHO user is working on a laptop, but the wireless connection indicator is showing a limited connection. Each time the user tries to access a website, the browser redirects to an unfamiliar authentication page. Which of the following should the user check to troubleshoot the cause of the issue?

A. The existing wireless network connection
B. The signal strength from the ISP regional satellite
C. The data speeds from the user’s ISP
D. The user’s default gateway settings

Answer: A

Six months after a new version of an OS was released to the market, end users began to lose access to application updates. Which of the following was MOST likely the reason for this issue?

A. Update limitations
B. Limited access
C. End-of-life
D. Network connection

Answer: C

A technician is deploying a PXE installation of a new OS onto a small group of company workstations. Which of the following should the technician monitor during the installation?

A. Impact to the workstations
B. Impact to the users
C. Impact to the network
D. Impact to the DHCP pool

Answer: C

A desktop technician needs to replace a laptop’s SSD. Which of the following must the technician use to prevent damage to the SSD during the replacement?

A. Antistatic bags
B. Needle-nose pliers
C. Safety goggles
D. ESD straps

Answer: D

An office building lost power, and the generator started up. Users on several floors have reported their machines will not start, even though the generator is running. A technician works to divert power from other floors until all users are able to work. Which of the following is the BEST solution for the technician to recommend?

A. Add more redundancy to the power cabling
B. Purchase more battery backups for individual users
C. Implement desktop virtualization
D. Increase the capacity of the backup generator

Answer: D

Several users at an office have noticed their computers have been behaving erratically over the past hour. A technician suspects there may be a network worm or a hardware failure because all the affected computers were purchased together. Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST?

A. Download antivirus updates
B. Update the device drivers
C. Quarantine the affected systems
D. Perform hardware diagnostics

Answer: C

A technician is installing a new system in a facility that requires zero downtime. The facility uses a backup generator in case of power loss. Into which of the following power sources should the technician plug the system to offer optimal uptime?

A. Only a surge protector is needed due to the backup generator
B. Plug directly into the emergency power source
C. Plug a surge protector directly into the UPS
D. Connect to a UPS that utilizes the emergency power source

Answer: D

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