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You suspect that you are receiving messages with a forged From: address.
What could help you find out where the mail is originating?

A.    Install TCP wrappers, and log all connections on port 25
B.    A dd the command ‘FR-strlog’ to the sendmail.cf file
C.    Add the command ‘define (‘LOG_REAL_FROM’) dnl’ to the sendmail.mc file
D.    Run a filter in the aliases file that checks the originating address when mail arrives
E.    Look in the ReceiveD. and Message-ID. parts of the mail header

Answer: E

Which TWO of the following options are valid, in the /etc/exports file?

A.    rw
B.    ro
C.    rootsquash
D.    norootsquash
E.    uid

Answer: AB

The Internet gateway connects the clients with the Internet by using a Squid proxy.
Only the clients from the network should be able to use the proxy.
Which of the following configuration sections is correct?

A.    acl local src
http_allow local
B.    acl local src
http_access allow local
C.    acl local src
http access allow local
D.    acl local src
E.    acl local src
httpd local allow

Answer: B

A server was rebuilt using a full system backup but with a different disk setup.
The kernel won’t boot, complaining it cannot find the root filesystem.
Which of the following commands will fix this error by pointing the kernel image to the new root partition?

A.   mkbootdisk
B.    tune2fs
C.    rdev
D.    grub-install
E.     fdisk

Answer: C

What is the name of the dovecot configuration variable that specifies the location of user mail?

A.    mbox
B.    mail_location
C.    user_dir
D.    maildir
E.    user_mail_dir

Answer: B

The listing below is an excerpt from a Squid configuration filE.

A.    Users connecting from localhost will be able to access web sites through this proxy.
B.    It’s necessary to include a http_access rule denying access to all, at the end of the rules.
C.    It’s possible to use this proxy to access SSL enabled web sites listening on any port.
D.    This proxy can’t be used to access FTP servers listening on the default port.
E.    This proxy is misconfigured and no user will be able to access web sites through it.

Answer: D

Some users are unable to connect to specific local hosts by name, while accessing hosts in other zones works as expected. Given that the hosts are reachable by their IP addresses, which is the default log file that could provide hints about the problem?

A.    /var/named/log
B.    /var/lib/named/dev/log
C.    /var/log/bind_errors
D.    /var/log/bind/errors
E.    /var/log/messages

Answer: E

Which of the following lines in the Apache configuration file would allow only clients with a valid certificate to access the website?

A.    SSLCA conf/ca.crt
B.    AuthType ssl
C.    IfModule libexec/ssl.c
D.    SSLRequire
E.    SSLVerifyClient require

Answer: E

What tool scans log files for unsuccessful login attempts and blocks the offending IP addresses with firewall rules?

A.    nessus
B.    nmap
C.    nc
D.    watchlogs
E.    fail2ban

Answer: E

Which Apache directive allows the use of external configuration files defined by the directive AccessFileName?

A.    AllowExternalConfig
B.    AllowAccessFile
C.    AllowConfig
D.    IncludeAccessFile
E.    AllowOverride

Answer: E

On bootup, LILO prints out LIL and stops. What is the cause of this?

A.    The descriptor table is bad
B.    LILO failed to load the second stage loader
C.    LILO failed to load the primary stage loader
D.    LILO failed to locate the kernel image

Answer: A

A GRUB boot loader installed in the MBR was accidentally overwritten. After booting with a rescue CDROM, how can the lost GRUB first stage loader be recovered?

A.    Use dd to restore a previous backup of the MBR
B.    Install LILO since there is no easy way to recover GRUB
C.    Running mformat will create a new MBR and fix GRUB using info from grub.conf
D.    Run grub-install after verifying that grub.conf is correct.
E.    Run fdisk –mbr /dev/had assuming that the boot harddisk is /dev/hda.

Answer: D

After setting up Apache to run inside a chroot jail as a non-root user, httpd no longer starts.
What is the primary cause of the problem?

A.    Apache needs to start as root to bind to port 80
B.    Apache cannot read the main index.html file because it was not moved into the chroot environment
C.    A LoadModule line for mod_chroot needs to be added to httpd.conf
D.    Apache requires a VirtualHost directive when running from a chroot environment
E.    The mod_chroot configuration needs the absolute path to the chroot environment

Answer: A


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