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You have a host that loses connectivity to a LUN after a volume is moved from one node to another in the cluster.
You verified that it is not a cluster or a switch problem.
Which two actions will help determine the problem? (Choose two.)

A.    Verify that MPIO and ALUA are enabled.
B.    Verify that the SnapDrive version is supported for the host and Data ONTAP version.
C.    Verify the HBA timeout setting.
D.    Verify that the SANtricity Storage Manger version is supported on the host.

Answer: AC

You have a host with multiple initiator ports attaching to a single SAN LIF.
With this setup, which action is required?

A.    You must use host multipathing software.
B.    You must use an individual SAN LIF for each initiator port.
C.    You must use a portset.
D.    You must use a SAN LIF failover group.

Answer: A

Which two flags would you use to enable NetApp thin provisioning on a LUN? (Choose two.)

A.    ­space­reserve enabled ­space­allocation enabled
B.    ­space­reserve enabled ­space­allocation enabled
C.    ­space­reserve disabled ­space­allocation disabled
D.    ­space­reserve disabled ­space­allocation enabled

Answer: AC

In a new SAN installation, which three components do you verify in the IMT for a supported solution? (Choose three.)

A.    HBA driver
B.    host memory
C.    host OS patch level or Service Pack
D.    application patch level
E.    switch firmware

Answer: ACE

You have an iSCSI host that is unable to connect to an SVM named svm1 over a LIF name lif1.
The home node and port of lif1 is port e0e.
The event log show command displays the error ISCSI:
network interface disabled for use; incoming connection discarded.
Which command would you use to resolve the problem?

A.    vserver iscsi create ­target-alias svm1 ­status-admin up ­vserver svm1
B.    broadcast-domain add-ports ­broadcast-domain iscsi ­ports cI01-01:e0e
C.    network interface modify ­vserver svm1 ­lif lif1 ­failover-group Default
D.    iscsi interface enable ­vserver svm1 ­lif lif1

Answer: D

You have a switch called NK5-A configured with an NP_Port.
Which switch feature on NK5-A uses NP_Ports to allow for fabric expansion of new FC switches without having to designate additional domain IDs?

A.    F-port channel trunking
B.    FCIP
C.    NPIV
D.    NPV

Answer: D

Which resource identifies the number of UTA2 ports available on a FAS8020 controller?

A.    Hardware Universe
B.    Interoperability Matrix Tool
C.    Universal SAS and ACP Cabling Guide
D.    Config Advisor

Answer: A

You successfully migrated LUNs accessed over FC from a 7-Mode system to clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.
Your Windows 2012 Server is unable to see the new LUNs.
What are three reasons for this problem? (Choose three.)

A.    The IQN is not included in this group.
B.    Switch zoning is misconfigured.
C.    NPIV is not enabled on the switch.
D.    You have no portsets.
E.    The host is directly attached to the cluster nodes.

Answer: BCE

A new server has been installed in your environment, but it is unable to see its NetApp boot LUN.
You have narrowed the problem down to the zoning on your Cisco switch which has the following configuration:
zone name z_NetAppvsan 400
memberpwwn 20:00:00:25:b5:c0:ff:ee
memberpwwn 50:0a:09:84:8d:7c:51:d5
zoneset name zs_NetAppvsan 400
zoneset activate name zs_NetAppvsan 400
What is the problem with your zoning configuration?

A.    The member does not reference the VSAN.
B.    The zone and zoneset names do not match.
C.    The zoneset was improperly activated.
D.    The PWWN for your NetApp LIF is incorrect.

Answer: D

You recently configured your SVM to serve data with the FC protocol by issuing the following commands:
However, your LIF still shows an operational status of down.
What must you do to change the operational status to up?

A.    Configure zoning on the switch.
B.    Create a LIF on the node’s HA partner.
C.    Add the LIF to a igroup.
D.    License and enable the FC service.

Answer: D

A LUN copy has been created by using the lun copy command.
To allow the copy to be seen on the same host, what would you do?

A.    Create a new portset.
B.    Map the LUN to the same igroup.
C.    Change the serial number of the copied LUN.
D.    Configure SLM on the new node.

Answer: B


1.|2017 NEW NS0-506 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) 528Q&As  Download:

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