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2016 March NEW ADDED 640-911 Exam Questions RELEASED Today!

The 640-911 (DCICN) Introducing Cisco Data Center Networking exam validates a candidate’s knowledge of networking concepts for the data center environment, based on Cisco NX-OS, including fundamental information on data center network function, virtualization configuration in the network, addressing schemes, and configuration skills.
This is a 90 minutes (65-75 questions) Exam.

2016 NEW 640-911 Study Guides:
1. Describe How a Network Works
2. Configure, Verify and Troubleshoot a Switch with VLANs and Interswitch Communications Using Nexus
3. Implement an IP Addressing Scheme and IP Services to Meet Network Requirements in a Medium-Size Enterprise Branch Office Network Using Nexus
4.Configure, Verify, and Troubleshoot Basic Router Operation and Routing on Cisco Devices Using Nexus


An engineer wants to repurpose a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch for use in a lab and needs to restore the switch to factory defaults. Which two commands are required? (Choose two.)

A.    write erase boot
B.    write erase debug
C.    copy running-config startup-config
D.    reboot
E.    reload
F.    copy startup-config running-config

Answer: AE

Refer to the exhibit. In which two ways does the routing table direct traffic? (Choose two.)

A.    The router receives a default route via a dynamic routing protocol.
B. is the IP address of a local interface.
C. is the IP address of the neighbor router that is locally connected.
D. is the IP address of the directly connected neighbor.
E.    The gateway of last resort is statically configured.

Answer: AB

Which option is the proper shortened representation of the IPv6 address FDFA:0000:0000:2314:00BA:AF34:0:0121?

A.    FDFA::2314:BA:AF34:0:121
B.    FDFA::2314::BA:AF34:0:0121
C.    FDFA::2314:BA:AF34:121
D.    FDFA::2314:BA:AF34::121

Answer: A

Which three options represent a subnet mask that allows for 60 host addresses on a subnet? (Choose three.)

A.    /25
C.    /26
F.    /28
G.    /30

Answer: ABC

A network engineer configures several VLANs using NX-OS and wants to save the changes. Which commands are used to save this configuration?

A.    write memory
B.    copy run start
C.    write terminal
D.    copy start run

Answer: B

A network engineer has been tasked with connecting a Nexus 5548 switch to an older Catalyst 3750. After configuring the interfaces, the engineer noticed that the end hosts did not have network connectivity and the Nexus 5548 had the following log message:
%STP-2-BRIDGE_ASSURANCE_BLOCK: Bridge Assurance blocking port Ethernet1/27 VLAN0010
What command can solve this problem?

A.    configure no spanning-tree port type network on the Nexus 5548 interface
B.    configure spanning-tree mode rapid-pvstp on the Catalyst 3750
C.    configure switchport trunk native VLAN 10 on the Catalyst 3750 interface
D.    configure spanning-tree mode rapid-pvstp on the Nexus 5548

Answer: A

What two actions can be taken to enable inter-VLAN communications in the data center? (Choose two.)

A.    install a Layer 3 capable switch in the data center
B.    deploy a router as a Layer 3 services gateway attached inside each Layer 2 VLAN
C.    extend Layer 2 services to a Layer 3 capable VLAN using Layer 3 tunneling
D.    connect Layer 2 VLANs together with 802.1Q trunks
E.    use a routing protocol to direct packets into the Layer 2 network

Answer: AB

Which two statements describe two benefits of a star topology compared to a mesh topology? (Choose two.)

A.    New stations can be added quickly and easily.
B.    Troubleshooting connectivity is easier.
C.    There is not a single point of failure.
D.    A single cable failure will not bring down the entire network.
E.    It has the absolute least likelihood of having a collision

Answer: AB
Unlike IPv6, which feature is available only in IPv4?

A.    broadcast
B.    anycast
C.    multicast
D.    unicast

Answer: A
What TCP/IP layer would handle UDP traffic flows?

A.    internetwork
B.    network interface
C.    transport
D.    physical

Answer: C

In which layer of the OSI model are TCP port numbers defined?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    4
D.    6
E.    7

Answer: C

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