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An engineer is designing a wireless infrastructure to support secured wireless access for Cisco 7925 series phones. What 802.1X authentication protocol would create the least overhead for authentication, while also securely transporting credentials?


Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. A customer is looking to deploy local radius authentication on their WLAN controller. After configuration has been completed, the administrator found that computers could authenticate; however, the VoIP phones could not. What is the problem given the output?

A.    The EAP request-timeout is too short for the wireless phone to process the PAC from the WLAN controller.
B.    The EAP Broadcast Key interval is set to 1 hour however should be 8 hours.
C.    EAPOL-Key Max Retries should be set to 12 to ensure the wireless phone can authenticate.
D.    EAPOL-Key timeout should be set to at least 20,000 Milliseconds to allow the PAC to be processed.

Answer: A

A trouble ticket has been turned in for a voice over wireless deployment. The customer cannot edit network profiles on their 7925 series phones and states that the profiles are locked. What key combination will unlock the profiles for editing?

A.    **#
B.    **#**
C.    **#123
D.    123456789*0#

Answer: A

A network engineer needs to reconfigure the WLAN settings on a 7925G phone, but the settings menu is locked. What key combo will unlock the menu?

A.    **#
B.    ##*
C.    *#
D.    #*

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. A network engineer is troubleshooting wireless voice issues on a network using EAP-FAST with PAC provisioning. Authentication is working properly on laptops but is failing on phones. What configuration change is needed?

A.    Identity Request Timeout to 60
B.    Identity Request Timeout to 10
C.    Request Timeout to 5
D.    Request Timeout to 30
E.    EAPOL-Key Max Retries to 1
F.    EAPOL-Key Max Retries to 5

Answer: D

A client’s VoWLAN network requires fast roaming on legacy CCXv3 certified devices, which last received an update in 2007. What two fast roaming standards and authentication methods would be supported? (Choose two.)

A.    802.11r with EAP-TLS
B.    802.11r with EAP-FAST
C.    802.11r with LEAP
D.    802.11r with PEAP
E.    CCKM with EAP-TLS
F.    CCKM with EAP-FAST
G.    CCKM with LEAP
H.    CCKM with PEAP

Answer: FG

A customer has deployed an N+N redundant wireless infrastructure. In this deployment, the access points have been salt and peppered between controllers. What configuration would be necessary to cut down on the use of mobility tunnels for voice clients?

A.    re-anchor roamed voice clients
B.    KTS based CAC
C.    mobility anchor
D.    media session snooping

Answer: A

A customer is deploying a few remote sites and has decided to use FlexConnect mode for the wireless access points. The customer needs to have seamless roaming for the voice clients at these sites. What two configurations need to be implemented to guarantee roaming? (Choose two)

A.    FlexConnect Groups
B.    CCKM
C.    802.11r
D.    centrally switched SSIDs

Answer: AB

A network engineer is troubleshooting a VoWLAN deployment with VoFi Analyzer and sees a WiMOS score of 2.9. How would the tool describe this value?

A.    Unacceptable
B.    Many dissatisfied
C.    Some dissatisfied
D.    All satisfied

Answer: B

An engineer is studying the TSM for a VoWLAN user experiencing issues using a CCXv3 device.
What two items will be shown? (Choose two.)

A.    uplink packet latency
B.    uplink packet loss
C.    downlink packet latency
D.    downlink packet loss
E.    uplink MOS score
F.    downlink MOS score

Answer: CD

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