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The Oracle Application Server is installed on your machine. In Forms Builder, you open the HResource form and connect to the HR database. You also edit your Forms Builder run-time preferences and click Set Default. To test the HResource form module, you click Run Form and receive the error message FRM-10142 (The HTTP listener is not running). What action should you take?
A.    Start an OC4J instance.
B.    Start the Oracle HTTP Server.
C.    Run the batch file STOPINST.BAT.
D.    Start the browser before clicking Run Form.
E.    Generate the form and move the .fmx file to the Oracle Application Server deployment directory.

Answer: A

View the Exhibit. You are upgrading a form that was written in Forms 6i. You open the form in the latest version of Oracle Forms Builder. The data block of this form is shown in the exhibit as it appears in the object navigator of Forms Builder. What must you do to this form before it can compile successfully?

A.    Delete the image item.
B.    Delete the sound item.
C.    Convert the check boxes to radio groups.
D.    Recode the population of the image item so that it does not attempt to load images from the operating system.
E.    Use the FBean package to recode the functionality of the bean area item.

Answer: B

View the Exhibit. The Orders form was developed using Forms 6i and uses RUN_PRODUCT to call an invoice report. You used the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant to upgrade the Orders form, which changed the RUN_PRODUCT call to use RUN_REPORT_OBJECT. You run the upgraded form and click the Invoice button, which invokes the report. However, you receive the error message that is shown in the exhibit. What should you do to avoid this problem?

A.    Set the REPSERV environment variable before running the Migration Assistant.
B.    There is no way for the Migration Assistant to know the reports server name, so you must modify the form after upgrading it to specify which reports server to use.
C.    Run the Migration Assistant with the REPSERVNAME command line argument to specify the reports server.
D.    Set the default REPORTS_SERVERNAME Migration Assistant property to specify the name of the reports server to be used when converting RUN_PRODUCT calls.
E.    Set the SERVER= property in the Reports Servlet properties file; the Migration Assistant looks here to find the default reports server when converting RUN_PRODUCT calls.

Answer: D

Which statement about the Java Design-Time API (JDAPI) is true?

A.    It is built on top of the C Forms API.
B.    It replaces the C Forms API (CFAPI) that was available in Forms 6i.
C.    It enables invocation of the C Forms API from a Java program.
D.    It is unrelated to the C Forms API because its functionality is completely different.

Answer: A

You are using Pluggable Java Components to modify the appearance and behavior of certain input items. These modifications cannot be done in the Property Palette of these items.
Which built-in can you use to accomplish this task?

Answer: D

Which Oracle Forms built-in can be used to change the display of a single DATETIME value from one time-zone region to another without affecting other DATETIME items?


Answer: B

You have enabled debug-level Servlet Logging for the Forms Servlet for all users of an application. At the end of the work day, you want to analyze the log file. Which file do you examine?


Answer: B

Which three tasks can be performed by the XML2Forms utility? (Choose three.)

A.    generating an XML schema file
B.    parsing of XML using Oracle XDK SAXParser
C.    creating a Forms object for each XML element
D.    validating XML against the Forms XML schema

Answer: BCD

There are several forms in your Forms 6i application that perform SELECT statements in triggers and program units to extract some information from an ARCHIVES table. As part of the upgrade to the latest version of Oracle Forms, you have split the ARCHIVES table by year. The current table is now called ARCHIVES2001, so you want to change all occurrences of ARCHIVES in your PL/SQL code to ARCHIVES2001. Which file would you modify so that the Oracle Forms Migration Assistant performs the substitution when you use this tool to upgrade your application?

Answer: E

A user runs, and then exits, the Payroll forms session over the Web. The same user then starts a Sales forms session over the Web. The Sales forms application uses two form modules and two custom menu modules. How many Forms applets are required?

A.    One Forms applet is required to run any Oracle Application Server Forms Services application.
B.    Five Forms applets are required. Separate Forms applets must be deployed for each Oracle Application Server Forms Services form or menu module.
C.    Three Forms applets are required. A Forms applet is required for each form module in a multiple-form Oracle Application Server Forms Services session.
D.    Two Forms applets are required. Separate Forms applets must be deployed for each Oracle Application Server Forms Services application.
E.    Four Forms applets are required. One Forms applet is used to start each Oracle Application Server Forms Services application. Additional Forms applets are required for each form module using a custom menu.

Answer: A
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