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Which two statements are true about java EE shared libraries?

A.    A shared library cannot bedeployed to a cluster.
B.    An application that is targeted to server1 can use a shared library that is targeted to server 2.
C.    Multiple versions of the same shared library can be deployed and be active at the same time
D.    A shared library is referenced through an application’s deployment descriptor.

Answer: CD

Refer to the Exhibit. You use the Start button in the administration console to start managed2 successfully. Which two statements must be true?

A.    Managad2 is part of a cluster.
B.    The Administration Server is running.
C.    Managed2 has applications deployed toit.
D.    The Node Manager for machine2 is configured and running.
E.    The Node Manager for the Administration Server machine is configured and running.

Answer: BD

Within your data center, the Administration and Managed Servers utilize a shared, central storage device, which server’s access via NFS.
In this scenario, your application files no longer need to be copied to servers across the network. Which server attribute allows you to override this behavior?

A.    Startup Mode
B.    Staging Mode
C.    Root Directory
D.    Listen Address

Answer: B

An EJB application is targeted to a cluster. Remote EJB clients can therefore take advantage of WebLogic Server’s load balancing and failover capabilities.
However, a proxy server exists between the clients and the cluster, which performs IP address translation. Which cluster attribute should you modify to ensure that load balancing and failover work correctly?

A.    Multicast Address
B.    Persistent Store
C.    Cluster Address
D.    Migration Basis
E.    Replication Channel

Answer: B

You run the default startmanageWeblogic (.cmd in Windows) script as shown here:
startmanageWeblogic.sh server1
What does this do?

A.    It starts the administration server named server1, which is running at
B.    It starts the managed server named server1, which is running at
C.    It starts the managed server named server1 whose Node Manager is running at
D.    It starts the Managed Server named server1 whose Administration Server is running at

Answer: D

An application requires a JDBC data source, which you create in the domain. You name it but the administrator allot another domain name the same data source DatasourceB.
Without modifying either domain, which is the best method to ensure that the application deploys successfully in both?

A.    Create a separate application archive to use with each domain.
B.    Create a separate deployment plan file to use with each domain.
C.    Create and register a customdeployment listener.
D.    Modify the application code to determine the current domain.

Answer: B

Identify three options for Keystores in a server’s configuration.

A.    Demo Identity and Demo Trust
B.    Demo Identity and Java Standard Trust
C.    Java Standard Identity and Custom Trust
D.    Custom Identity and Demo Trust
E.    Custom Identity and Custom Trust
F.    Custom Identity and Command Line Trust

Answer: ABE
When installing Oracle Weblogic Server 11g with the graphical installer, which three statements are true?

A.    You must choose either a typical or a custom installation.
B.    You install under Microsoft Windows because the graphical installer is available only for Window
C.    You may create a new middleware home directory or choose an existing one.
D.    Youmust register for critical security updates.
E.    You may install a JDK or choose one that was previously installed.

Answer: ACE

Each domain has a directory called servers that contains subdirectories for each server in the domain. Your domain has a managed server named managed1. When will the managed1 directory be created?

A.    When the managed1 server is defined in the configuration Wizard
B.    When the domain is created
C.    When the administration server comes up for the first time
D.    When the managed1 server1 comes for the first time

Answer: A

Identify three properties required by the domain Configuration Wizard when creating a new domain.

A.    machine name
B.    Managed Server name
C.    domain startup mode
D.    domain name
E.    administrator username and password

Answer: CDE

Which two statements are true about adding servers to a cluster?

A.    When you create a cluster, you must add at least one server to it.
B.    Only managed servers can be in a cluster.
C.    The administration server is automatically added toa new cluster.
D.    You must explicitly identify which servers belong to the cluster.

Answer: AB

Consider a single JMS module that includes a connection factory as well as queue. Based on your system’s requirements, the connection factory needs to be made available to all servers in the domain. The queue, on the other hand, can be targeted to only a single JMS server domain. What is the best way to achieve the desired JMS setup?

A.    Create two subdeployments within the JMS module.
B.    Target the JMS server to the JMS module.
C.    Target the JMS module to the entire domain.
D.    Replace thequeue with a topic.

Answer: A

Which three attributes are part of the configuration of an existing Managed Server and can be modified through the” administration console?

A.    name of the server
B.    the cluster it is in
C.    the machine it runs on
D.    itsreplication group
E.    whether it is in Development Mode or Production Mode
F.    that it should become the Administration Server for the domain

Answer: BCD

Which can be associated with multiple domains?

A.    Cluster
B.    Server Log
C.    Node Manager
D.    Administration Server

Answer: C

Identify two supported methods of deploying a JMS module to a domain.

A.    Create a module by using the administration console.
B.    Load a module into the WebLogic database.
C.    Include a module file within a web application archive.
D.    Include a module file within an enterprise application archive.
E.    Define a module within an existing JDBC module.

Answer: CD
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