This page was exported from New Braindump2go Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Tue Jan 19 9:09:34 2021 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: 2014 Latest CompTIA CLO-001 Exam Dump Free Download! --------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 1 Which of the following does IT outsourcing and cloud computing typically have in common? A.    Pay as you go agreements B.    Short-term financial commitment C.    Tailor-made applications based on client needs D.    Vendor lock-in potential Answer: D QUESTION 2 Which of the following does the server virtualization layer do? A.    It allows the underling physical server hardware to be shared B.    It allows the virtual machines to be dependent on each other C.    It allows the virtual machines to be load balanced D.    It prohibits the use of virtual machines by unauthorized users Answer: A QUESTION 3 Which of the following are essential steps to take when creating a virtual server? A.    Select a machine image to run, select an application set to run, select security credentials. B.    Select a machine image to run, select an application set to run, select the size of the virtual machine. C.    Select a machine image to run, select security credentials, select the size of the virtual machine. D.    Select an application set to run, select security credentials, select the size of the virtual machine. Answer: C QUESTION 4 Which of the following technologies are related to Web services? A.    HTML, IDM, JSON B.    HTML, IDM, XML C.    HTML, JSON, XML D.    DM, JSON, XML Answer: C QUESTION 5 Web hosting is a service that enables customers to deploy a website quickly. This is an example of: A.    IaaS. B.    SaaS C.    PaaS. D.    On-demand software. E.    None of the above. Answer: C QUESTION 6 Which of the following describes the amount of data that can be sent across a link in a given time? A.    Network bandwidth B.    Network QoS C.    Network latency D.    Network speed Answer: A QUESTION 7 How can the internal IT department successfully react to cloud computing? A.    By becoming an external cloud provider B.    By becoming an internal cloud provider C.    By outsourcing all IT services D.    By solely focusing on security issues Answer: B QUESTION 8 Which of the following is a business reason for IT outsourcing and cloud computing? A.    Improving cost structure B.    Improving customer satisfaction C.    Increasing control over IT systems D.    Decrease of security issues Answer: A QUESTION 9 Which of the following assets have risks related to a cloud provider going out of business? A.    Data stored at the provider B.    Cloud management tools housed at the provider C.    Investment in servers at the provider D.    Machine capacity at the provider Answer: A QUESTION 10 Which of the following is included in a compliance audit? A.    Analyzing chargeback agreements B.    Analyzing cloud provider Service Level Agreements (SLAs) C.    Analyzing identity management and access controls D.    Analyzing the provider release calendar Answer: C QUESTION 11 How does cloud computing influence service operations? A.    Cloud computing is more cost effective B.    The provisioning of servers and services is quicker or ceases to be an issue C.    The provisioning of servers and services can be much slower D.    The security level will increase Answer: B QUESTION 12 Cloud computing brings new challenges to ___________ management, because traditional licensing models do not fit well with scalable resources. A.    commercial B.    financial C.    legal D.    service Answer: B QUESTION 13 Which of the following is indicated by a high number of variations of different virtual servers? A.    Lack of an automated provisioning process of the virtual machines B.    Lack of automation of virtual machine image manufacturing C.    Lack of manpower to monitor the virtual machines D.    Lack of physical servers to accommodate the different virtual servers Answer: B QUESTION 14 Cloud computing is priced according to ___________ or has ___________, rather than having upfront costs. A.    recurring subscription, a yearly contract B.    a yearly contract, usage-based charges C.    recurring subscription, usage-based charges D.    number of users, a yearly contract Answer: C Passing your CompTIA CLO-001 Exam by using the latest CompTIA CLO-001 Exam Dump Full Version: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2014-07-16 07:34:41 Post date GMT: 2014-07-16 07:34:41 Post modified date: 2014-07-16 07:34:41 Post modified date GMT: 2014-07-16 07:34:41 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from