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While testing web applications, you attempt to insert the following test script into the search area on the company’s web site:

<script>alert(‘Testing Testing Testing’)</script>

Later, when you press the search button, a pop up box appears on your screen with the text “Testing Testing Testing”. What vulnerability is detected in the web application here?

A.    Cross Site Scripting
B.    Password attacks
C.    A Buffer Overflow
D.    A hybrid attack

Answer: A

What techniques would you use to evade IDS during a Port Scan? (Select 4 answers)

A.    Use fragmented IP packets
B.    Spoof your IP address when launching attacks and sniff responses from the server
C.    Overload the IDS with Junk traffic to mask your scan
D.    Use source routing (if possible)
E.    Connect to proxy servers or compromised Trojaned machines to launch attacks

Answer: ABDE

Bob was frustrated with his competitor, Brownies Inc., and decided to launch an attack that would result in serious financial losses. He planned the attack carefully and carried out the attack at the appropriate moment. Meanwhile, Trent, an administrator at Brownies Inc., realized that their main financial transaction server had been attacked. As a result of the attack, the server crashed and Trent needed to reboot the system, as no one was able to access the resources of the company. This process involves human interaction to fix it. What kind of Denial of Service attack was best illustrated in the scenario above?

A.    Simple DDoS attack
B.    DoS attacks which involves flooding a network or system
C.    DoS attacks which involves crashing a network or system
D.    DoS attacks which is done accidentally or deliberately

Answer: C

Johnny is a member of the hacking group Orpheus1. He is currently working on breaking into the Department of Defense’s front end Exchange Server. He was able to get into the server, located in a DMZ, by using an unused service account that had a very weak password that he was able to guess. Johnny wants to crack the administrator password, but does not have a lot of time to crack it. He wants to use a tool that already has the LM hashes computed for all possible permutations of the administrator password. What tool would be best used to accomplish this?

A.    SMBCrack
B.    SmurfCrack
C.    PSCrack
D.    RainbowTables

Answer: D

In this type of Man-in-the-Middle attack, packets and authentication tokens are captured using a sniffer. Once the relevant information is extracted, the tokens are placed back on the network to gain access.


A.    Token Injection Replay attacks
B.    Shoulder surfing attack
C.    Rainbow and Hash generation attack
D.    Dumpster diving attack

Answer: A

The FIN flag is set and sent from host A to host B when host A has no more data to transmit (Closing a TCP connection). This flag releases the connection resources. However, host A can continue to receive data as long as the SYN sequence numbers of transmitted packets from host B are lower than the packet segment containing the set FIN flag.

A.    false
B.    true

Answer: B

Jason is the network administrator of Spears Technology. He has enabled SNORT IDS to detect attacks going through his network. He receives Snort SMS alerts on his iPhone whenever there is an attempted intrusion to his network. He receives the following SMS message during the weekend.
An attacker Chew Siew sitting in Beijing, China had just launched a remote scan on Jason’s network with the hping command.
Which of the following hping2 command is responsible for the above snort alert?

A.    chenrocks:/home/siew # hping -S -R -P -A -F -U -p 22 -c 5 -t 118
B.    chenrocks:/home/siew # hping -F -Q -J -A -C -W -p 22 -c 5 -t 118
C.    chenrocks:/home/siew # hping -D -V -R -S -Z -Y -p 22 -c 5 -t 118
D.    chenrocks:/home/siew # hping -G -T -H -S -L -W -p 22 -c 5 -t 118

Answer: A

Leesa is the senior security analyst for a publicly traded company. The IT department recently rolled out an intranet for company use only with information ranging from training, to holiday schedules, to human resources data. Leesa wants to make sure the site is not accessible from outside and she also wants to ensure the site is Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliant. Leesa goes to a public library as she wants to do some Google searching to verify whether the company’s intranet is accessible from outside and has been indexed by Google. Leesa wants to search for a website title of “intranet” with part of the URL containing the word “intranet” and the words “human resources” somewhere in the webpage. What Google search will accomplish this?

A.    related:intranet allinurl:intranet:”human resources”
B.    cache:”human resources” inurl:intranet(SharePoint)
C.    intitle:intranet inurl:intranet+intext:”human resources”
D.    site:”human resources”+intext:intranet intitle:intranet

Answer: C

Bob has been hired to do a web application security test. Bob notices that the site is dynamic and must make use of a back end database. Bob wants to see if SQL Injection would be possible. What is the first character that Bob should use to attempt breaking valid SQL request?

A.    Semi Column
B.    Double Quote
C.    Single Quote
D.    Exclamation Mark

Answer: C

Hampton is the senior security analyst for the city of Columbus in Ohio. His primary responsibility is to ensure that all physical and logical aspects of the city’s computer network are secure from all angles. Bill is an IT technician that works with Hampton in the same IT department. Bill’s primary responsibility is to keep PC’s and servers up to date and to keep track of all the agency laptops that the company owns and lends out to its employees. After Bill setup a wireless network for the agency, Hampton made sure that everything was secure. He instituted encryption, rotating keys, turned off SSID broadcasting, and enabled MAC filtering. According to agency policy, only company laptops are allowed to use the wireless network, so Hampton entered all the MAC addresses for those laptops into the wireless security utility so that only those laptops should be able to access the wireless network. Hampton does not keep track of all the laptops, but he is pretty certain that the agency only purchases Dell laptops. Hampton is curious about this because he notices Bill working on a Toshiba laptop one day and saw that he was on the Internet. Instead of jumping to conclusions, Hampton decides to talk to Bill’s boss and see if they had purchased a Toshiba laptop instead of the usual Dell. Bill’s boss said no, so now Hampton is very curious to see how Bill is accessing the Internet. Hampton does site surveys every couple of days, and has yet to see any outside wireless network signals inside the company’s building. How was Bill able to get Internet access without using an agency laptop?

A.    Bill spoofed the MAC address of Dell laptop
B.    Bill connected to a Rogue access point
C.    Toshiba and Dell laptops share the same hardware address
D.    Bill brute forced the Mac address ACLs

Answer: A

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