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Following are some new LX0-104 Real Exam Questions:1.|2019 Latest Braindump2go LX0-104 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download: 2.|2019 Latest Braindump2go LX0-104 Exam Questions & Answers Instant Download: 12Which of the following programs uses the hosts.allow file to perform its main task of checking for access control restrictions to system services?A. tcpdB. inetdC. fingerdD. mountdE. xinetdAnswer: AQUESTION 13Which of the following commands can be used to limit the amount of memory a user may use?A. umaskB. usermodC. ulimitD. passwdE. chageAnswer: CQUESTION 14Which of the following commands connects to the remote host which has OpenSSH listening on TCP port 2222? (Choose TWO correct answers.)A. ssh --port 2222 example.comB. ssh -p 2222 example.comC. ssh -o Port=2222 example.comD. ssh -o GatewayPort=2222 example.comE. ssh BCQUESTION 15Which directory holds the files that configure the xinetd service when using several configuration files instead of an integrated configuration file? (Specify the full path to the directory.)Answer: /etc/xinetd.d/, /etc/xinetd.dQUESTION 16What is a purpose of an SSH host key?A. It must be sent by any SSH client in addition to a user key in order to identify the client's host.B. It provides the server's identity information to connecting SSH clients.C. It is the root key by which all user SSH keys must be signed.D. It authenticates any user that logs into a remote machine from the key's host.E. It is used by system services like cron, syslog or a backup job to automatically connect to remote hosts.Answer: BQUESTION 17What argument to the -type option of find will match files that are symbolic links? (Specify only the argument and no other options or words.)Answer: IQUESTION 18Which command is used to set restrictions on the size of a core file that is created for a user when a program crashes?A. coreB. edquotaC. ulimitD. quotaAnswer: CQUESTION 19On a Linux system with shadow passwords enabled, which file in the file system contains the password hashes of all local users? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.)Answer: /etc/shadowQUESTION 20Which file used by XDM specifies the default wallpaper?A. /etc/X11/xdm/XsetupB. /etc/X11/xdm.confC. /etc/X11/xdm/DefaultsD. /etc/X11/defaults.confAnswer: AQUESTION 21What is the purpose of the iconv command?A. It converts bitmap images from one format to another such as PNG to JPEG.B. It verifies that the root directory tree complies to all conventions from the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).C. It displays additional meta information from icon files ending in .ico.D. It changes the mode of an inode in the ext4 file system.E. It converts files from one character encoding to another.Answer: EQUESTION 22In case neither cron.allow nor cron.deny exist in /etc/, which of the following is true?A. Without additional configuration, no users may have user specific crontabs.B. Without additional configuration, all users may have user specific crontabs.C. The cron daemon will refuse to start and report missing files in the system's logfile.D. When a user creates a user specific crontab the system administrator must approve it explicitly.Answer: AQUESTION 23Which character in the password field of /etc/passwd is used to indicate that the encrypted password is stored in /etc/shadow?A. *B. -C. sD. xAnswer: DQUESTION 24Which command can be used to delete a group from a Linux system?A. groupdelB. groupmodC. groupsD. groupeditAnswer: AQUESTION 25Which of the following files assigns a user to its primary group?A. /etc/pgroupB. /etc/shadowC. /etc/groupD. /etc/passwdE. /etc/gshadowAnswer: DQUESTION 26In which file, if present, must all users be listed that are allowed to use the cron scheduling system? (Specify the full name of the file, including path.)Answer: /etc/cron.allowQUESTION 27Which environment variable should be set in order to change the time zone for the commands run from within the environment variable's scope? (Specify the variable name only.)Answer: TZ!!!RECOMMEND!!!1.|2019 Latest Braindump2go LX0-104 Exam Dumps (PDF & VCE) Instant Download: 2.|2019 Latest Braindump2go LX0-104 Study Guide Video Instant Download: YouTube Video: --------------------------------------------------- Images: --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- Post date: 2019-04-11 07:52:37 Post date GMT: 2019-04-11 07:52:37 Post modified date: 2019-04-11 07:52:37 Post modified date GMT: 2019-04-11 07:52:37 ____________________________________________________________________________________________ Export of Post and Page as text file has been powered by [ Universal Post Manager ] plugin from