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Which two methods use IPsec to provide secure connectivity from the branch office to the headquarters office? (Choose two.)

C.    Virtual Tunnel Interface (VTI)
E.    PPPoE

Answer: AC
Which two statements about Frame Relay Point-to-Point connections are true? (Choose Two)

A.    Changing a point-to-point sub interface to a different type requires the device to be reloaded.
B.    They use two DLCIs to communicate with multiple endpoints over the Frame Relay cloud.
C.    The device can establish a point-to-point connection to the cloud without a DLCI.
D.    They can operate normally without a DLCI map.
E.    Each physical interface that extends to the Frame Relay cloud can support a single SVC.

Answer: AB

What is the international standard for transmitting data over a cable system?

A.    PPPoE
C.    CMTS
D.    AAL5

Answer: B

Which interface type does a PPPoE client use to establish a session?

A.    Physical
B.    loopback
C.    visual-template
D.    dialer

Answer: D

The Cisco SA 500 Series Security Appliances are built specifically for businesses with less than 100 employees. What are three important benefits of this device? (Choose three)

A.    business-grade firewall
B.    premium support via SMART net
C.    site-to-site VPN for remote offices
D.    Cisco IOS software-based
E.    email security
F.    XML support

Answer: ACE

Which cisco Express Forwarding component maintains Layer 2 addressing information?

A.    dCEF
B.    adjacency table.
C.    FIB
D.    fast switching
E.    RIB

Answer: B
Adjacency TablesNodes in the network are said to be adjacent if they can reach each other with a single hop across a link layer. In addition to the FIB, CEF uses adjacency tables to prepend Layer 2 addressing information. The adjacency table maintains Layer 2 next-hop addresses for all FIB entries.
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios/12_2/switch/configuration/guide/fswtch_c/xcfcef.ht ml

Which two debug commands can you use to view issues with CHAP and PAP authentication? (Choose Two)

A.    debug tacacs
B.    debug ppp authentication
C.    debug radius
D.    debug aaa authentication
E.    debug ppp negotiation

Answer: BE
http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wan/point-to-point-protocol- ppp/25647-understanding-ppp-chap.html

Which DSL encapsulation method requires client software running on the end-user PC that is directly connected to a DSL modem?

A.    PPPoA
B.    PPPoE
C.    PPP
D.    L2TP
E.    ATM

Answer: B

By default, which type of IPv6 address is used to build the EUI-64 bit format?

A.    unique-local address
B.    IPv4-compatible IPv6 address
C.    link-local address
D.    aggregatable-local address

Answer: C
https://howdoesinternetwork.com/2013/slaac-ipv6-stateless-address- autoconfiguration

For a GRE tunnel to be up between two routers, which of the following must be configured?

A.    Loopback Interface
B.    IP reachability between the loopback interfaces
C.    Dynamic Routing between routers.
D.    Tunnel interfaces must be in the same subnet.

Answer: D

Which two statements about configuring Frame Relay point-to-multipoint connections are true? (Choose two)

A.    They ignore the broadcast keyword in the frame-relay DLCI mapping.
B.    They require the same DLCI on each side of the link.
C.    Changing a point-to-multipoint subinterface to a different type requires the interface to be deleted and recreated.
D.    They require the frame-relay mapping command to be configured.
E.    They require inverse ARP.

Answer: DE


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