This page was exported from Free Latest Braindump2go IT Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Tue Jul 23 5:43:19 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: 2014 Latest Oracle 1Z0-031 Exam Dump Free Download! --------------------------------------------------- QUESTION 1 Identify three components of an Oracle instance for which you can change the size dynamically. (Choose three.) A.    Java Pool B.    Large Pool C.    Shared Pool D.    Redo Log Buffer E.    Database Buffer Cache Answer: BCEQUESTION 2 A table is stored in a data dictionary managed tablespace. Which two columns are required from DBA_TABLES to determine the size of the extent when it extends? (Choose two.) A.    BLOCKS B.    PCT_FREE C.    NEXT_EXTENT D.    PCT_INCREASE E.    INITIAL_EXTENT Answer: CD QUESTION 3 Which two statements regarding the database writer (DBWn) background process are true? (Choose two.) A.    It is an optional background process. B.    It writes dirty buffers to the data files whenever a checkpoint occurs. C.    It writes dirty buffers to the data files whenever a transaction commits. D.    It writes dirty buffers to the data files before the log writer (LGWR) writes. E.    It is possible to have more than one database writer in an Oracle instance. Answer: BE QUESTION 4 Consider the following statements: 1. ALTER SYSTEM SWITCH LOGFILE; 2. CREATE TABLE sales(bill NUMBER(3),bdt DATE,amt NUMBER(10,2)); 3. ALTER SYSTEM SET CONTROL_FILES='/remorse/control02.ctl'; 4. SHUTDOWN Which of the commands always modifies the control file? A.    1 and 2 B.    3 and 4 C.    1 and 4 D.    1, 2, and 3 E.    1, 2, 3, and 4 Answer: C QUESTION 5 You want to use a profile to restrict the resources that the users are utilizing in your database. At which two levels can you enforce the resource limits using a profile? (Choose two.) A.    call B.    session C.    database D.    transaction E.    database object Answer: AB QUESTION 6 You created a profile, PROF1, by executing the following command: SQL> CREATE PROFILE   prof1 LIMIT FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS   3 PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME   5 PASSWORD_LIFE_TIME   60 PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME   30; After creating the profile, you assigned it to a group of database users in the administration department. Which statements are true regarding the usage of the profile? (Choose all that apply.) A.    The users' password must be unique during last 30 days. B.    The users must change the password at least every 60 days. C.    The users' account is automatically unlocked after five days from the day the account was locked due to three consecutive failed log in attempts. D.    The users' account remains locked, at least for five hours from the day the account was locked due to three consecutive failed log in attempts. E.    The database administrator cannot use the ALTER USER ACCOUNT UNLOCK command to unlock the account if the account was locked due to three consecutive failed log in attempts. Answer: ABC QUESTION 7 While observing the index statistics, you find that the index is highly fragmented, thereby resulting in poor database performance. Which option would you use to reduce the fragmentation without affecting the users who are currently using the index? A.    validate the index structure B.    rebuild the index using ALTER INDEX..REBUILD ONLINE command C.    change the block space utilization parameters using ALTER INDEX command D.    deallocate the unused space in the index using ALTER INDEX..DEALLOCATE UNUSED command Answer: B QUESTION 8 Under which condition does the Oracle server put a data block on the free list of a segment? A.    when the used space in the block exceeds the value set in PCTUSED B.    when the used space in the block exceeds the value set in PCTFREE C.    when the used space in the block falls below the value set in PCTUSED D.    when the used space in the block falls below the value set in PCTFREE Answer: C QUESTION 9 Which two actions does the Checkpoint (CKPT) process initiate when a checkpoint occurs? (Choose two.) A.    updates the control file with the checkpoint information B.    removes all the blocks from the database buffer cache C.    updates the headers of data files if the checkpoint is caused by a log switch D.    signals log writer (LGWR) to write redo entries from the log buffer to the redo log files Answer: AC QUESTION 10 A user executes a query on a table. Which process is responsible for reading the user's data stored in the table from the data files into the database buffer cache? A.    user process B.    server process C.    checkpoint (CKPT) D.    system monitor (SMON) E.    database writer (DBWn) F.    process monitor (PMON) Answer: B QUESTION 11 Which two statements regarding segments are true?  (Choose two.) A.    Each segment has at least one extent B.    Each table in a cluster has its own segment. C.    Each partition in a partitioned table is a segment. D.    All the indexes of a table are stored in the table segment. Answer: AC QUESTION 12 Which statement regarding the creation of a dictionary-managed tablespace is true? A.    You cannot set the tablespace for NOLOGGING mode. B.    You can set segment space management clause to auto. C.    You can specify default storage for dictionary-managed tablespaces. D.    You cannot specify default storage for a tablespace that consists of an autoextensible data file. Answer: C QUESTION 13 During the process of disk space management, the alert log file that belongs to your database is accidentally deleted. The database is currently functional. Which statement regarding this situation is true? A.    All attempts to write to the alert log file result in errors. B.    Queries executed in the database after the file is lost, re-create the alert log file automatically. C.    All the attempts to write to the alert log file are ignored and the file is re-created when you restart the database. D.    The first command that you issue in your database (after deleting the alert log) that requires a write to the alert log file causes the alert log file to be re-created. 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